Wiki revision: info regarding revolt unclear in Pi

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Hello Team,

There have been a number of my teammates, myself included, that feel the wiki is a bit unclear about the revolt element and how to properly execute this step by step. Specifically, when you elect to launch a revolt campaign, the wiki is clear on selecting the revolt button to initiate the attack; unfortunately it doesn't clearly explain what buttons to push once the first 12 hours have elapsed; push attack or to push revolt again. This has caused confusion. Even if it doesn't matter which button should be selected, explaining this facet of revolt clearly would help decrease the level of confusion.

Lastly, this section doesn't provide a "how to" implement a coordinated attack with multiple cities of a single player launching a revolt on a city of interest. Specifically, would it be possible to explain what the supporting cities can and can't do while the revolt is being launched? Would it be possible to provide insight on what these cities can and can't do once the last 12 hours of the revolt has started?



Hi there,
Thank you for your feedback! That is very helpful. We are starting a process of re-writing a large number of pages on the wiki to just generally improve them, we will look at this one as soon as we can.

In the mean time, it is well worth taking a look at the Offensive Guided section that was just created (here) as I know that two or 3 of the guides there would very helpful to you. :)