Why Joining the Draconar Alliance is Unique...



I am posting this to make the experience a little more active, engaging and (of course) a little more interesting.
Any player bored and lonely being a "one-man-band" in his / her own alliance (or, not yet in any alliance at all) might want to at least consider joining the Draconar alliance for the following reasons...
{1. I have found an alternative means of gifting actual gold to my members - for raffles, events, contests, etc... To my knowledge, no other alliance has ever made this offer, nor made this available. I have made a post discussing the lack of features with Innogames in not being able to buy gold as a gift... but have found alternative methods.
{2. We're active, supportive, communicative and engaging... with special emphasis on the "all for one & one for all" mentality. Whether this particular listing is "unique" is debatable, but after seeing so many dead alliances, it is (at the very least) unique to Rhodes.
{3. Round-table council meetings. No longer just exclusive to alliance leaders... at least not in Draconar. We take the words of our newest members just as serious as we take the words of our officers. Intelligence knows no ranks.
{4. We offer assigned "buddy systems." this is especially beneficial to our newest, most vulnerable members in our alliance.
{5. You get your own Royal wax seal - that you can choose to add as a formal stationary to any messages you send to other players. Just contact me, and I will make one for you. I design them. Here is one of mine:

rsz_aeryxsealpng (1).png

{6. We are analytical, strategic and organized. I hold strategic round-table council meetings every week. So, if you love adding a little more tactics to the game, then you should join us. We wouldn't just love having you, we would value and defend you to our last divine soldier.
We just hope you love dragons, because that is the theme you would be joining into, lol.
Anyway, stay safe - and I will see you in-game!
Well, Dragons...Let's light 'em up!

Dragon II

I don't know what weird coincidence brought this up but I am laughing a lot. (Look at my name if you have not understood what I mean).
Cheers to you for putting this up, if only more team leader did this the community would be bigger.