where is my alliance?


Can anyone explain to me in detail what happend to my alliance. I was in a bad accident and over the time of my recovery I was surprised to find that not only was my account gone, so was the eta federation and all of its outposts. I am trying to assemble a time line of what happend. Name changes and such. In fact so long has gone by that I cant find grepo stats. LOL. And for those of you rolling your eyes. I am back yes. But a rather different person than I was before.

King David II

Your account probably ghosted because you were gone too longand your alliance probably had a war or something and collapsed :( This happened to me in Theta, except I never had an injury, glad to have you back! :-D


Your alliance was never much in Eta, no offense. Sorry about your situation though, wish you the best with that man. Back to the point about your alliance, it never rose much and if I remember it got itself involved in a war against a major alliance and the rest is history, I guess lol. You can go through the top 12 thread and maybe you can get a better picture on what happened, but I haven't heard of Eta Federation in a very long while.


Welcome back, sorry to hear about the accident but glad all is well.

Eta Federation collapsed in the same way as other MRA's like Island Powers. Mostly eaten up by solid alliances like Rising Shadows (this I can speak of first handedly) and others...