Where Are They Know?


I was just going through the Who would win thread in the Lamia forum, and I found it somewhat disturbing how many of the players have already left the server:

White Khalifa vs Hothead Paisan

White Khalifa: Inactive
Hothead Paisan: Gone

xpertgreek vs Aesur

XpertGreek: Borderline inactive
Aesur: Inactive (ragequit?)

Dakar vs. hunyuk

Dakar: Gone
hunyuk: Looks like vacation mode for almost a month now.

Fortis Signa vs militia
Fortis Signa: Inactive

XpertGreek versus KyleHob.
Kylehob: Left Lamia and is borderline inactive on US35

Firebrand vs smmclean
Firebrand: Vacation mode for a couple of weeks?
smmclean: Inactive

Charl/Swamp-Fox Versus Oliver Clothesoff
Swamp-fox: Left Lamia to play on other servers.
Oliver Clothesoff: Left Lamia to play on US21.

xxCRIPPLERxx vs Terri16
xxCRIPPLERxx: Gone
Terri16: Left Lamia to play on US14

NiggsMagoo vs XpertGreek XD
NiggsMagoo: Inactive

Djarv1 vs. NigsMagoo
Djarv1: Left Lamia and is now borderline inactive on US37

kharnath vs kiacat
Kharnath: Reset account and is now borderline inactive on Lamia.
Kiacat: Gone

Aesur versus Dcam
Dcams: Gone

Infection Versus The Apex Predator
The Apex Predator: Ragequit

tboneski215 vs mflip
tboneski215: Ragequit and is now playing on US29.
mflip234: Left Lamia to play on US11 and US35.

Cirrhosis vs Dorkus
Cirrhosis: Left Lamia and is now playing on US37.
Dorkus1111: Gone

Tecarte vs Verminter
Tecarte: Left Lamia and is now playing on US37.
Verminter: Gone

Yagerbomb vs. anyone. (player vs. player)
Yagerbomb: Vacation mode for three weeks?

KZG3 VS Greekzta
KZG3: Still playing.
Greekzta: Still playing.

I'm sure there's a lot of errors, but I think it's pretty obvious that there's a problem with player retention in Grepolis. The milestone list is no different by the way. I wish InnoGames would address the problem and make some changes to the game that would keep people from leaving the servers prematurely.

Just some random thoughts...[/QUOTE]


I think player retention rests squarely at the foot of the alliance leaders and players. Inno cant do much about it I don't think.
We as players and esp the leaders of every alliance need to help create an environment where players and in some cases whole teams want to stay and fight it out to the end.
To do that the mass pacting that has occurred here (and on just about any small ally cap server) needs to stop and alliances need to be left to wage war without in turn as soon as they are on top having every little half alliance ganging up on them. Mergers early in worlds between big alliances can and does usually result in an unbalanced battlefield and more lost players. I could go on but my point is that to keep more players in the game longer the changes need to be player driven.


Exactly if you see the top 2 alliances merge or in NU 4 of the top 6 alliances merging in kind of gives you no hope of even winning the game and for half the players they quit because of things like loyalty where everyone is jumping left and righ even though they were found decent during a war etc.


People want things handed to them, they don't want to work for it. Always looking for an easier way.


I've been running alliances for awhile and I find that people do come and go the trick is to develop a core group of players to play with and hope your actives are more active than your enemies. While the full timers like to blame leaders there are many reasons people leave and time of the year has more to do with it.

I find a lot of people give up the game after summer and the next big wave seems to be after the christmas break. Now every world will have it's rage guys or just the lets start somewhere else people.

Leaders do the job no one else really wants to do and those who consistently build solid alliances can't be blamed if in one alliance people leave.


I second that comment... It actually is really frustrating being a leader.... Too much of a full time position... Your always giving up your cities to help people grow and to be more interested in the game.... Its a tough spot... But when your dedicated to winning and stubborn, i guess you got to wear it....lol....


I think maybe age has something to do with it. Kids quickly lose interest when something newer and shiny comes along. I think the older players tend to stick with the games worlds longer. Maybe more time between world releases would help? Thing is there is no one reason this happens. This thread is only a observation on the people who have left. Not a comment on anyone playing ability or leadership skills. Heck I am just a grumpy old fart who likes to yell at the kids to get off my lawn...


Running MRA's would be a frustrating position to be in. Leading doesn't have to be a chore. I have my formula, and it works well.


Twenty cities??? Most players are just getting started at that point. Or most good players. Obviously you have been playing with the wrong people. I will give you WW sucks and that is a snorefest.


Well, you had 81k ABP, and 0 DBP. The next day you had 10 DBP and then reset your account. It is much easier to get ABP when you don't get attacked. And my 2 server Victors means I don't know how to play the game completely.


I will never make it to the end game unless the game changes drastically, both in game design and duration. Most people can't commit to a relationship or a hobby for two years, much less a computer game. I think it's foolish of InnoGames to assume that the players will stick around for years, trying to win a title that nobody really cares about - including the players themselves.

Also, the mid game is, in my opinion, a complete snorefest and I can only imagine it gets worse as the game progresses. Nothing scales properly in this game, including the city management tools, and at some points it's just easier to log in twice a day and spend resources on city festivals instead of attacking other players. For me, that happens when I get approximately twenty cities. It's not that I'm against city management games per se, it's just that I already have Anno 2070 installed on my machine.

20 cities?? only 20 and you feel it is easier to log in 2x a day and city festival it?? OMG... I have played several servers... many times getting over 100 active cities.. it is so fun when you can send 20-30 LS nukes and another 25 OLU nukes and crush a city all by yourself... and have some extra to assist your Alliance mates with OLU and send a bunch of Biremes and DLU to help others... I can't imagine feeling it is mid game at a 20 city level.....


I will agree with kharnath... Innogames should definetely redesign some of the game issues.... I would like it to be more than just a building of world wonders. Maybe even a hidden island that you have to occupy and build the last ww.... And this island is hidden in each world... And is only found by uncovering clues.... That would be kinda cool.... Lol....


Maybe the best way to solve the ww thing is simply have a strict time limit and when the clock expires the alliance with the highest percent of the cities wins the game. It would stop simming as you approach the wonders


The game is only fun past a certain point when you are the underdog in my opinion. It gets pretty stale around 20-40 cities picks up a little and then drops again. Thrash talk and feuds are basically the mechanics that keeps this game going(ONLY IF BOTH ALLIANCES IN THE FEUD DON'T COMPLETELY SUCK). I have just randomly stopped playing many times out of isolation and lack of want to rebuild nuke cities.


People leave mostly when they take a major lost or get rimmed no one honestly want to rebuild on the rim when they could just jump a world or two up and have a complete fresh start also a lot of people come to worlds just to try something out they want use on there main world also lot of people like me are trying to practice starting a world out it not hard to run a world after 20 or so city's it hard getting to that point though or so it seems to me