When senate completes in the building queue


Let's say that I was in senate level 18 upgrading to lvl 19. This is from 63.6% of the construction time to 60.9%. If I have the full queue, using admin 6 buildings lined up and in an average stage of the game a building in world speed 3 would be from 60 minutes to 180 minutes or more. Let's say 120 minutes times 6, 720 mintes. %3 is a total of 21.6 minutes. Perhaps it's not much, but I think the building completion routing should go through the queue and apply the following multiplier, so the player who uses the administrator does not get penalized:
t18: time it would have taken for buildings when order was placed
t19: new time it would take for buildings now that the senate is upgraded
p18 the percentage of lvl 18
p19 the percentage of lvl 19

t19 = t18 * (p19 / p18);

ssue is that if you wait until the completion of the senate and then put your other orders, the the building times will be based on the new senate lvl. Waiting for completion is counter intuitive.

This way the queue times will be automatically adjusted.


without getting into the math, I agree that it would be nice if construction times were updated in the senate que once a senate level is complete