We need a new Revolt World!!


It is definitely time, especially since Gonnos just had a ghost out...that world is officially over now lol.


1/1 revolt world. Just what the Dr ordered. How out of touch can inno be?

The last 3 revolt worlds have been dead due to either weak settings, timing or my personal favorite, releasing 2 at the same time.

I'll let you in on a secret inno, most of the real players who will spend $ want similar settings.

Personally I prefer revolt, speed 3/3, no night penalty, morale is not a factor, 75 alliance cap.

I only prefer the 75 - 100 member cap since it creates less need for multiple branches like you see in the 50 and lower worlds.

But somewhere in this range is where a lot of players can live. Where we won't play is 1/1. But rest assured some team will show up and buy the 1/1 world in a month or 2. Maybe Mortis will stage their comeback there.

Who is on this player council? I can't imagine this is the direction you are receiving.

Get real...


i dont think ive ever come across a player that requested a speed 1 world lol


YAWWNNN****** waiting for a decent world to open. 3/3>1/1 any day. till then, no sense in playing. just randomly checking the forums now a days.


because inno or the MODs really dont care what we want.

Revolt, no morale, speed 3 or 4, no night bonus please

oh and Rod has a negative 10 culture rating to start


And still nothing.... no rush folks. You have a PR disaster on your hands as well as a significant amount of revolt players with nothing to do.

I cant buy the $150 attacker package to use on the external forum!


I can't speak to how US does world releases but I imagine things work the same here as on the other servers. We won't know the settings of a new world until after it is announced. Currently I'm not seeing an announced upcoming US world but I can check to find out if there is one coming soon. As for settings we have to consider all players when the settings are decided. So while a lot of people like high speed Revolt and Conquest servers we can't only release them. We have to have speed 2's and speed 1's of both types as well. As a result sometimes there is a wait until the exact settings or close to the exact settings a group of players are looking for. Like I said though I'll check to find out if US has a world coming soon.


My point is there are very few actually active worlds at this time. They seem very dead with the exception of hermossa (spelling?) And maybe a sprinkle of appolonia. While I get there is a market for speed 1, I'm advocating for a speed 3 revolt after the launch of listeria speed 1.

There are a lot of dedicated players on the sidelines that need a fix.


when are we seeing the next US revolt world with a speed of at least 3. The last one you opened was a speed of 1. too slow.
I would prefer a no night bonus. alliance cap of 50.
and something to balance the gold buyers.


if it is a night bonus world im gonna get the CoMA fired.


New World Miletus
  • World Speed: 3
  • Unit Speed: 3
  • Revolt
  • Trade Speed: 3
  • Morale: who cares but sure
  • Alliance Cap: 60
  • Beginner's Protection: whatever
  • Night Bonus: Don't you dare
  • City Foundation Time 12 Hours
There, the heavy lifting is done lol. Now make it so!