Way too early top 10 sink or swim


It is truly unfortunate for us. Guess we'll make better choices on who joins us in the future. Although, we saw early on what kind of player he is.
Let’s be honest here, Megs. You catered to taksor. You encouraged him. He pretended to be a leader who dominated the forum, and you allowed him to direct alliance strategy.

You catered to taksor because you owed him. He handed out free cities and resources. Most everyone knew he was using an autobot to farm and build. Yet you looked the other way about the cheating, because you enjoyed the free cities.

I tried to warn you about taksor. I warned you that he would ghost, but all you did was start another alliance skype chat to exclude me.

Taksor insulted every female in your alliance and he had a horrible rant against your female leadership team, yet you continued to invite him back.

So it is a big fat lie to say you saw early on what kind of player he is.

I joined the new world to gold with your invite link, yet you would not let me join your alliance. You said it was because I had bad blood with taksor. So I joined another alliance there. And I’m glad I did.

You and Putter were screwing me over in the new world –- trying to hand off cities to my enemy; getting an enemy to kill a siege within minutes of my landing. Did you not expect any retaliation?

I never played with you until this world and I would never want to play with you again. There were some good players in Parrots, and some are my friends. Did you ever wonder why most of them either quit or they are on extended VM? And why you are having problems recruiting? I found your leadership to be the most dysfunctional and self-serving. Maybe it’s time to hang it up. ;)
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