Brilliant, thanks Bes & Nox thoroughly entertaining read.

As for dirty laundry, all I can say is welcome to the Grepolis Forums :)


Brilliant, thanks Bes & Nox thoroughly entertaining read.
Yeah, I never even played on Alpha... LOL. o_O

did you support any of your mates that day?Guess not.
Why would I support anyone when your alliance sent like 150 attacks at me in a 12 hour period? I'm sure you were just "bored" though ROFL...

It's funny nox talks about calling the whole world to help. They can't even take my city with 7 red on island and I have zero blue! They had like 7 CS attempts crushed in 1 day! I guess they need to add a few more colonies and get it up to 9 red like the city they were able to hold onto...

When's Chef Migz coming off VM btw? It's pretty hilarious that your players are going VM to keep their own alliance from taking their cities...
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time to pick on DD some :p were currently going to declare war on them even tho weve been fighting for a while i guess. as of last night they proved they should be marked red.. 10 ish CS attempts on tripolis and myself ( put together ) last night. it was a decent op and they showed some good timings ( 0 taken out of all the shots ). im glad to have a good enemy ^_^ and there 2 acadmey but i dont really count them since they dont fight back.. lets keep having some good fun!



So far this server has shown me that U.S servers are full of noobs with no guts and that the hawks are really good at colonizing not conquering.


idk bout any of that but my invisible bp guardians are ready to throw down.

Cash Chucker

And i want to warn all other alliances - never have a deal with these guys. The only thing what they can do nice - just use their dirty mouth.. sing you songs and next moment put a knife into your back. That happened in Cythera (they played in MIA and backstabbed Infectious) ..it happened here as well. So - it speaks for itself what sort of people they are.
LOL! Back stabbed? thats funny. you guys were going to turn us red the very next day regardless. we just beat you to the punch. what happened in cythera wasnt some big betrayal. At that time, we didnt like your alliance, and you guys didnt like us. Our pact was in place b/c we had a mutual enemy, and that enemy had dissolved at least 2 weeks before our war started. this a war game, wars happen.


As someone who was not in Infectious Besmar, I was surprised that the turning on one another didn't happen earlier, if they had done it earlier who knows maybe infectious would have not taken the core of that ocean and cyth would be completely different In please don't whine about betrayal, because it was a mutual decision to drop a pact, not a betrayal. Stop twisting your panties and play the game.