Wars of Zacynthus


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Knights are taking it to Legion...aren't they supposed to have the strongest formation? Too bad it looks like cake to me. 9-0 and counting


im not sure i would call the 7th ranked alliance as having the "strongest formation". But again, what do i know. Peace and love from us.


They do have a decent core in 55, but if you are not going to defend it or fight for it, it means nothing.

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Jedi Mind Trick folded in to Northern Bunnies becoming a third sister of Bunny Killers, then folded in to Gladiator Bunnies and Bunny Killers as they kept losing cities.

Band of Brothers has been dwindled down to one alliance, losing two sister alliances, and is now folding in to Gladiator Bunnies, Bunny Killers, and Storm Dragons.

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