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  1. Lord Fauntleroy

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    Nov 9, 2013
    Strange weekend - there was an OP on the Wonder cities but only by 40 members - some gave everything they could, others weren't around but some of the main players and some leaders simply attacked cities that were already undefended to conquest (one then passed to an alt account - why not at least pass on to the players who attacke?)?
    If that was a plan then whilst it appears strange as it gifted more slots relatively cheaply but you have to hand it to players like weejr, moolie, fela, duker, shane, marion 4/5, jmayo, meowith, persistent patrick, ghandhi (sorry for those I have missed) who were prepared to sacrifice their units - particulary when the recruitment bonus has ended.

    3.8 million dbp for one player in 24 hours is the highest I have seen - shows what an effort was put in, by that group
  2. Lord Fauntleroy

    Lord Fauntleroy Philosopher

    Nov 9, 2013
    Been a while but there was another OP this weekend gone and it involved a lot more of the big hitters - despite the morale it killed 1/3 of the pre-stack before additional report went in at city Twelve. I had to replace 150 transports worth of dlu.
    This was a far better attempt than the one back in June, there was one notable exception reported who farmed cities whilst the majority of remaining active players honourably hit the brick wall in an attempt to end the world - some just sent token attacks to look willing
    Depressingly I now doubt this world will end any time soon - despite the significant effort put in to revolt a wonder city as the pre-stack levels will now be increased
    Edit add - i have been told mike who holds the wonders had no access to grepolis during the op so he didn't put on any def buffs.
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  3. AKmill88

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    Dec 19, 2013
    So what is up with this world? Shout out to all of my old jossy giants friends from psi!
  4. Lord Fauntleroy

    Lord Fauntleroy Philosopher

    Nov 9, 2013
    Not sure which of their players played in psi, but they have a number who played well here.
  5. Lord Fauntleroy

    Lord Fauntleroy Philosopher

    Nov 9, 2013
    Latest update

    Nothing has happened - even including a 188 point player with 2.8k bp in what 3 years we have 340 players on the roster. Inactives ghost faster on EN worlds it would seem.
    Another week of cities going down barely defended and the slots being filled to send to cover the wonder cities on one island with a morale advantage.
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    Dec 26, 2013
    Nice to hear from you AK :)
    All good here and still battling - I will pass on your regards to Sin, Toon and the gang.
    Take care Dan
  7. slasherdan

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    May 20, 2017
    Well, another flop Op and I didn't even send any D. Perhaps telling players to delete account instead of logging in after months of in-activity when attacked so we can end this is in all's best interest so we can move forward. Think last 2 days have shown that their will be no crown.

    Not so humbly,
  8. Lord Fauntleroy

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    Nov 9, 2013
    I have a slightly more balanced overview on the weekends op - it was mainly ls and 350k were sunk.
    Again some players hit very hard, I don't know what USCG GMC was hitting with, but fair play they were biggest and from my reports he/she hit the hardest holding nothing back. There were about 20-30 players who appeared to be hitting with nukes - a few were playing at it and can say they were hitting but I doubt they posted their attack reports as they were so light.
    There are a number of coalition players who are basically inactive and fair enough the world is dead, but there are still those that in the heat of battle when the alliance calls OP will simply carry on as they were (one took two inactive cities but never sent a single attack at the wonders).
    I can name those who hit hard out of respect if you like - but you are in the minority.
    There is a captain out there who called us out, he seems to be hitting somewhere out in 66 today - was he in vm at the weekend?
    I really don't know how those guys who hit the wonders keep on going when they must realise they are being played.
  9. Lord Fauntleroy

    Lord Fauntleroy Philosopher

    Nov 9, 2013
    Well it finally happened - a full scale op, good players who have never been involved on ops and just carried on suiting their own growth joined in, players who had been inactive came back and some of those who just pretended in the past hit a little bit harder - some we will never see join in an op were absent again and I saw some names I have never seen before in the server appeared in reports.
    Numbers on the wall
    356K LS
    29K Tris
    2M Hops/slingers/swords/archers/horses/chariots -
    67K Cats
    22K Manties
    44K Harpies
    24K Griffs
    88K FTS
    The OP was so big it pretty much crashed the server - I don't know if those attacking had similar problems - in the end defending was more in faith than knowledge of what was going on. Mike our Wonder Island resident earnt over 15 million dbp, he is never going to have a problem with slots.
    My biremes didn't last 5 minutes there, but the little gdu I sent was largely untouched - to impact the server that way with legitimate tactics showed the scale of the effort - but it seemingly didn't get close to a revolt. The OP had good variety fake at one and push at the other, but the stack and morale gives so much time to react it would seem a lost cause.
    Fair play though - this is what i have been saying about leaving 30/40 players to try it all, the only way to test it was to go for it in force and as Darth Vader almost said The Force was strong in this one.
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  10. smudger2408

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    Jun 11, 2015
    Champions! The gutless cowards of KOD ghosted due to the change in morale. Bunch of babies.

  11. Superunknown

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    Jun 18, 2014
    Champions..... no KOD won the server ages ago lol I have a little badge on my profile to prove it :)
    But congrats on the paper crown any one that sticks about on a dead server this long deserves it
  12. smudger2408

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    Jun 11, 2015
    Then Evil Eyes won Phi. Can't have it both ways. Give up that victory or this one.
  13. ctduck

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    May 23, 2014
    Of course EE won phi. One ring totally f'ed that world up.
  14. Lord Fauntleroy

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    Nov 9, 2013
    No need for me to update or keep the forum remotely alive :p
  15. Raviger

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    Jan 9, 2015
    I cant believe yall are bringing up Phi... What was that, 4 years ago?? It was a great server, so was this one...
  16. Whitty

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    Jan 22, 2015

    On all WW OPs, we had systems in place to determine and measure if we had enough people and offense committed, in advance, to break the wonder(s). If so, then phase 2 was to determine if those committing actually did participate at the designated time(s). If, for some reason, commitment levels did not match participation levels, then we cancelled those WW OPs as soon as we realized a WW break was not possible. This is why many of the heavy hitters/bigger players did not participate in some of the earlier WW OPs, coupled with the fact that location and morale played a part in launch times. Where there was attack activity, players either launched before the OP was cancelled or continued to send, perhaps not reading the "OP Cancelled" message. Basically, our goal was to reduce/eliminate friendly troop losses and enemy battle point gains if factors were not optimal to break a wonder.

    For the OP you mentioned above, commitment levels did match participation levels, so it was a full force OP; however, system lags caused us a whole new set of unanticipated problems.
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  17. Lord Fauntleroy

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    Nov 9, 2013
    So in 12 months you only had full commitment once?
    I'm sorry whilst that plan sounds impressive the reality wasn't. 10-20% were sending everything they had at Wonders and were doing so for 3-4 hours. Whilst others were attacking undefended cities or Afks - I could name leaders who sent 5 attacks probably posted them to show they were ALL IN and then weren't seen again apart from trip reports elsewhere.
    The reality was too many were focused on Zimm and as months of that passed many on both sides lost interest.
    Many Kittens could just give up cities and take ghosts without gifting bp - I did try to defend and disrupt whenever I practically could or could log in.
    I always try to be honest and I'll say that I believed that one full scale op was the turning point as it showed you guys had waited far too long worrying about bp returns and had no chance of even revolting a wonder city with 30% morale.
    Well it was a turning point :p as the server couldn't handle it (the app was completely out) and I think that was the reason for the settings change.
    Anyway - the world is done, let's not forget the quality of players/teams that entered Baris - it was a tough one and we learnt a lot about ourselves, allies and enemies.
    Take care everyone.