Warborn/Jim the Mountain greatest duo ever missing - need help to find


We are currently facing an emergency, worse than covid. The greatest duo of all time in grepo WARBORN and JIM THE MOUNTAIN is missing. Please we need help to find them. Below you find a description to help us find them:

- IQ below 0
- they complete each other so good, dumb and dumber
- they claim all the time they know how to play
- Favourite expressions: "hello when can we talk" and "we complete each other so good"
- usually bir backsnipes 2 seconds late
- teamview at cases cause who has time to answer alarms
- they will threaten to make you ghost, and not want them as enemies, but they press VM 2 mins after they get cleared everywhere and started spam games
- most annoying voices you will ever everrrr hear
- IQ way below 0 (wait I think I mentioned this)

Please if you find them let us know! The community misses them and would be a relief if we find them. Their knowledge and skills are unmatched, maybe only from Pete himself. Also the bot providers are upset from Warborn and Jim subscription being cancelled.

Thank you very much for your time!


Ah, so THIS is the real reason they left Dion.

Thanks for confirming we were being played on Dion. I'd heard rumors to that effect but thanks for confirming. So glad I ghosted when I did yesterday now.
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