It seems like Primordial Deities disbanded today without even notifying their members... Of course, most of the people that held a leadership position, safely switched sides, then hit 'disband' it seems, without even telling their members what's going on....

I must say, rather pathetic. Some of the players in Primordial Deities were fairly new, unexperienced players. Most of them won't have a clue of what's going on. I even have intel telling me some of the former Primordial Deities members are being attacked by WoR/PD. I'm not sure why they have decided to stoop so low, but I wouldn't condone such an action. They are our enemies, yes, but they deserve to be treated with respect.

As for the Hillbilly Warfare theme; I find it rather amusing that TDShelley is calling us 'bullies' for hosting an OP on his cities (4 taken in 1 day), and working together with roughly 10~15 members to achieve this, yet they themselves are all ganking up on 1 city a time with 5~10 members just as well. I'm not sure what people are taught there, but this seems to be rather.... hipocryte.