War Updates


We'll see how this works considering how dead these forums are, however, I would love to hear about everyone and their wars are doing. Post stats, reports, etc. Everyone has probably had enough of me, so if somebody else wants to begin, feel free!


Some of these are minor alliances, but here is all of our scores against foreign alliances as of yesterday.
Picnic Bunnies 15 - 16 VIRUS
Picnic Bunnies 25 - 0 M.A.C.O. Defenders
Picnic Bunnies 5 - 0 Black Ravens
Picnic Bunnies 45 - 0 The Phoenix Syndicate (WAR WON, Enemy Disbanded)
Picnic Bunnies 5 - 0 The High Command
Picnic Bunnies 4 - 0 Tiny Turtle Squad
Picnic Bunnies 3 - 0 Jackals
Picnic Bunnies 2 - 0 Quest
Picnic Bunnies 3 - 0 Reapers
Picnic Bunnies 3 - 0 Return of the Spartans
Picnic Bunnies 2 - 0 Army of Darkness


Not bad! Yeah, I was pretty skeptical about you guys against Virus, but there showing they aren't who some of us thought they were. Had some very good players for sure, but a lot of loose ends for a small populated alliance. But hey, they look like they're falling apart, so you guys must have done something right.

HC might be a fun group for you guys to go after haha. Usually promises BP and they'll put up a fight. But they're not a major threat to a decent alliance. Not to mention if they get taken out, WW is a wide open race lol


Yeah, I was a bit skeptical myself at first. Given that I left Ancients to make Picnic Bunnies, my only impression of them was that they had whooped up on my old alliance like 80 - 4 before they merged with High Command. But they have turned out to be way less than invincible, just a good competitor who gives us a run for our money. I don't think they will last much longer though, given they have lost like 7 members in the last few weeks and are starting to lose some cities to everyone around them, except for High Command of course. ;)

Funny story... Within a week of making Picnic Bunnies, VIRUS came to us asking us to merge into them in order for us all to focus on fighting Fallen Sons. I played along with it like we were going to join them, but when if came to the point where they were about to send the invites I said "Wait, 31 + 33 is more than 60, so we can't merge!". That pissed them off, so they took our 6 cities that were in their core and then offered us a NAP. We rejected that as well and then war ensued and they promiced they would do to us exactly what they did to Ancients.

Hindsight is 20/20 I guess, 15 - 16 doesn't look anything like 4 - 80
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lol, their mistake I guess. But the fact that they wanted help against fallen sons says enough haha. I think we're beating Fallen 60 or 70 something to 1? If Gorsh will get on the forums he can tell us


Guess I'll give an update. FS players are defending much better than they did early on, but while everyone else seems to be playing harder Froley can't seem to hold on to a city.

Also, Knightofaronel ran from the front lines after losing a city and is now content to send long distance nuisance attacks, not realizing I guess he's only giving us more city slots to use against his sad sad leader.


War against Fallen going fantastic lol. Looks like we're up 88-2 after 5 weeks of war.
To put that into perspective, that's about 2.5 cities taken per day.
Even against Maco, after 12 weeks of war, we've only taken 47 cities.

I have to say this too...I feel awful for a couple of guys in FS. They have a couple of guys who actually are trying to help their people out while Froley and Celtic sit online and watch while everyone else does everything they can to break a siege in their core. They refuse to help anyone except themselves, but they still can't hold onto cities regardless of how many troops they hoard. So if the guys who actually try to save each other see this, much respect. For Celtic and Froley, if anyone is smart in the future, they'll avoid playing in your alliance in the future considering those guys are in it for themselves. The best word for that kind of play is "disgusting".


I guess I'll use the quiet forums to promote my favorite alliance, Daddy's Little Devils (#12 WOO!)

Daddy's Little Devils 31 - 1 Tassy Mountaineers (the alliance that dropped all their pacts just to war with us)
Daddy's Little Devils 17 - 1 The Fallen Sons
We do have one war win under our belt as well but they're long gone

We only lost a city to TFS because of an unexpected inactive in our alliance, sad, but it happens to the best of us