Dalec: If you read this, don't quit the game. Don't ever try to lead again, but don't quit the game.

It's a great game, and sometimes you lose. You learn from your mistakes. What you should take out of this is know your limitations, both as an alliance and an individual. Also, as said above, you should never try to lead again. Be a good member, help out, and I guarantee eventually you'll succeed.

The same group that is in Panic Attacks are a lot of players from Swamp Fox Brigade from Iota. I've personally lost to them, and trust me, my loss was early in the world but still a month or two in and it stung. You know what I did? I learned from the enemy. Their leader was ruthless and cunning, and I thought of everything he did right, and the VERY next world I led an alliance in, I took out a wonder-winning alliance.

Most kids played sports. Think back to when you were a kid. Were you that moron no one liked because he quit because he messed up? I hope not.

I sent ur message to dalec and i got a reply saying this

I have decided not to completely quit the games some of my other friends that i sent my message to convince me not to i will be deleting my skype account that was the only reason i was online and saw the message from ....... I will come back in 6 months with a completely new grepolis identity and make new friends and enemies. I chose 6 months because that is after my exams. If you want to contact me ....... has my email just ask him.

ps he did not want his email on forums

...... is because i dont want people to know my old game name