War.Hammer brings you..... WAR :D

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Good morning!

I want to keep you all update with how things goes around. I hope other alliances will assign one member to post new thread with their own wars.

I would like that a moderator keep deleting off-topic. We talk about war, not past wars, on other worlds, as I see usually people talk.

So untill 03.03.2014 08.00.00 AM we have:

W.H. vs I.A. 12-0, if we include their founder 13, and if we put N.W. allong them we'll have 16-0. Game Over!

Next One----->

W.H. vs K-H 2-0 for now. We hope this will be more interesting!

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We hope for better we have taken more ia cities then that have we not


well we declared "war" on Section 9 and they literally died before we could even send any attacks! lol Beat that!


Okay, when I mean died. I mean, we declared war, and within 24 hours, the alliance went from top 10 to now idek if they're an alliance anymore hahaha. You've actually had to fight those 3. We never even touched them. Just declared war ahha