Vox and Maximus

Dux Vox

The world Chania was developing, well into its 3rd week, when an unknown legionary from distant Rome came to settle in these greek Islands. Surveying the political landscape he decided the regional power of T.B.D. was closest in nature to that of his home. He applied for service, a veteran of the Legion he was confident he would get accepted even though recruitment was closed. But alas he was denied...

And so Vox began his preparations for without allies of his own he was sure the allied hordes around him, which resembled the coalitions of barbarians his homeland contested, would descend upon him. Yet halfway through beginner protection a ray of light. An invitation was extended from T.B.D.

On the morning of beginner protection ending things were looking bright. Vox had worked diligently farming every 5 then 10 minutes and sleeping little. Using trained architects from city quests and skilled advisors hired with precious gold he had managed to just barely eck out a conquest-ready city, and an ally had offered him a second town to help get him settled. But then disaster... 30 minutes out of Beginner protection Vox in his barely 5 K home, his only city was attacked by Michlaues Maxima from a 14k city one of many controled by a 60k player, a leader of the barbarian tribes, and one of the top warriors on the server. He must have been eying Vox and decided it was best to stomp on him before he could gain a foothold on the Greek islands of Chania.

But the legions of T.B.D. answered the call. They would not let their new ally fall to the barbarians. All day Vox and his engineers toiled to raise high walls, and scores of messengers were sent to the central forum updating of the progress of the defense. When Maximus's scouts failed to report the next day and his spys told him of the epic defense the attack was called off.

Now Vox knew if he were ever to be safe he would have to rapidly grow his forces and fortify his outposts. He would be a bastion of order in the north. Farewell to retirement, it seemed that there was no retirement from the Legion to be found...

7 days later Maximus was no more... His cities in runes his own allies descending upon him like vultures once his forces were crushed. And Vox had risen, a bastion of order in an ocean of chaos that was northern O54.

And so the Mighty Maximus is no more...
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