Vixen faces timing for what may be the first time?


This is the story of @Vixen24 and how she accuses people of spam and bots! Once upon a time, there was a red city that the hero of the story (myself, of course) wanted to take. It was the beautiful city I had ever laid my eyes on! I make my attack planner, and get ready to go!

I start off by locking CS onto a couple attacks ... nothing uncommon.

All of the sudden I see my inbox has messages! I wonder what this could be? Perhaps we landed a CS and I need to cancel my attacks to support another siege? No, who is it, but the beholder of this most glorious city, Vixen24. What timing?! I am sure I know what this is about, but what will she say?!

I open my message to discover the most inaccurate, poorly informed message I have ever seen!

Wow .... look at that toxicity, the pure salt ... and I haven't even timed a support yet! In an attempt to brush her off and focus up on my timing I respond with the following: "damn u right" hoping beyond all hope that she will stop her toxicity and focus on actually trying to snipe my CS. Alas, she mistakes my comment as acceptance of hers, not the joke it was meant to be .... does she actually think I bot?

While I continue timing, she explains the intricacies of timing to someone much much better than her (or she's explaining to my supposed bot, who really knows)

As I lock support after support, she is adamant that I am cheating and not just way way better than her... in fact, she believes that I bot on all accounts I play on, and that is why I have to change my username!


She ends her hate fueled tear at my reputation by letting me know that her whole alliance thinks I cheat! This cannot by true, can it? Have I really been accused of cheating by this many people?! Are there this many people who cannot understand that I am simply better than them!!! Of course, a lot of them think greposcore = skill, so I can see where they are coming from! Alas, the CS lands, no snipe at all, and the city will soon be mine! Thanks for the city Vixen, how about we do it again sometime

The timings (manti was on last try and I figured I just needed it out in front since she isn't good sniper):

Get good <3

P.S. timing =/= spam <3


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She talks about playing fair whereas she got caught botting many times. Interesting...
Lol pot calls the kettle black ? Except she's wrong of course.....
I love that when a lot of people get absolutely outplayed, they chalk it up to cheating before asking and trying to understand how they just got handed such a beat down.


That was a really pretty line up. You deserve the city. I'm serious
Thank you Meg :D appreciate it

Was sad to see you and Going Commando leave as I considered you all our best competition

Hope the revolt world is going well for you guys, and maybe some day we will meet on the battlefield once again ;)