Virus........ Spreading soon throughout 057.

Fen Farkle


Located solely within 057, crewed by experienced and battle hardened veterans from many servers, will be spreading through the region very soon....................

Recruitment is restricted, you need to have Skype, be a team player and willing to lay your forces down for the good of your brothers and the alliance as a whole.

No loose cannons or mavericks need apply, plenty of other alliances out there for you, we're looking for the serious players, those who want to win but are not afraid to take the odd hit to get the job done.

So, you feel you have what it takes??? Located within 057??? Message us and you just might be what we're looking for.....

Trust me on this, all Virus have to start somewhere, we're here, we're growing and we'll be spreading.............


If you plan to play as seriously as you seem like you're going to then you should have a pretty good chance in this world. There's only about 3 genuinely serious alliances here right now.

I won't be joining as I'm in O46, but best of luck to you.

Fen Farkle


Things taking shape nicely......The outbreak will soon gather some real pace......