Vircona's Pre-Made


Hey, all,

I'm starting up a pre-made here in Heraklion. Most of you probably don't know me, as I usually play in the EN servers, but I've had a good amount of success there. I played with the Nightmares of Elysium in the Zeta server (not sure how well-known they are here, but they were arguably the best alliance in EN's history) alongside Saunter, Jjalsmelton, Hads, Ratatatpat, etc. (again, not sure how well-known they are here).

Anyway, I was the O44 leader for NmE in Zeta, and have had various leadership positions in some other worlds I've played casually. However, I haven't founded an alliance on a serious server before, and I'm liking the looks of Heraklion's settings, so I think it's time I give it a shot.

Although I haven't played any US servers seriously, I've kept tabs on some of the worlds, so I know who quite a few of the good players here in the US servers are. I'll be taking this server seriously instead of playing casually, and I'd like to put together an aggressive alliance. Feel free to post here if you're interested or have any questions, or send me a message, if you'd like.

We'll be starting in the Northwest/O44.

EDIT: I'm open to suggestions on the name. I'd like to go with the old "Nightmares of Elysium," but I know a lot of the EN players had complaints that it was so over-used for a while.
Also, I'm looking to keep the member count at around 20-25 people maximum for the first week or two.

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I was in the en servers too... the forums there were so much better
i dont know if im joining this world if i am maybe idk

EDIT: Im gonna join Triumvirate, so no to this.
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