Vipers, A lost cause,dictatorship, Farms


What has happened the last few days has screwed my once amazing alliance, into awfulness. I must warn you that this thread has some very deep politics with different views, viewer discretion may be advised.

I will start off as why I am writing this, here is a message I had with an alliance member, please read the bottom line first

kylehob today at 20:05

Everything was fine. Alliance looked in good shape, we were doing fine. I never really liked Petrika Grosi in the first place, I always thought he was a liar, but Psiot said he wasn't. So I went with it. It turns out Psiot was in talks with ACE OF HEARTS the whole time, but he wouldn't tell us. So yesterday I was in my daily argument with Petrika and he got really mad at me. I defended the alliance and sent it to Psiot. Next thing I know I was kicked from the alliance. It turned out he was very friendly with them, but he never told me. He then gave a bogus of an excuse of why I was kicked. A few hours later he was sad and felt bad. He wanted to talk with me about rejoining. We agreed to talk today. I come back from school and see that HYDRA was about to take my city. I told him and he wouldn't say anything. I got mad and left for a few hours. I get back on and I see that he is attacking my city with Petrika. That was the last straw. I sent him a message about it. My job now is to tell everyone about his dictatorship and that he is a liar. So here we go.

Anonymous Author: Could you just explain that a bit more?

Take your time, I'm going to bed (it's 01:55 here).


Please note that there are some words that I would never use here in the forums, so mods don't yell at me for it. I understand that you think this is stupid, but I am proving a point. Psiot lied to all of us, he was in it for some agreement with Petrika I think and that isn't cool. He is a 2 faced liar and I believe you all need to know not to believe what he says. I also want to say the Vipers alliance are now just a bunch of farms, they don't really care besides the top 3 people. I felt this had to be brought up, people need to know that this is stupid stuff and that those alliances are not to be trusted, nor there leaders. If you want more info Pm me In game, please post what you think down here, bye


well whitey took psiot's city on juktas, and he didnt even defend it. just rage quit after the wall went down by the cats.

gang up on him guys :p lol

he cant take the heat.


well whitey took psiot's city on juktas, and he didnt even defend it. just rage quit after the wall went down by the cats.

gang up on him guys :p lol

he cant take the heat.
the good in all of this is I have more time to focus on Juktas now :p


Well, you can't leave me! Now you Have to invite me to your alliance. What are we going to do with all our Viper garb?!


Its bad but kyle Rick got founder ability and Psiot, Pescado, and the crew went to AceofHearts you can be Reinstated!!! I want to stay on this server think we can make a comeback.


Kyle... you should look into Lamia. Lamia is a nice world. I would give you the better opportunity even if you join late... now would be a good time to talk with you preeety secretly via Skype... can you PM me your Skype name, thanks a bunch. I will talk with you tomorrow or today I guess. For now I want to let you know that Lamia has great opportunities for great players like you. If you join Lamia join ocean 54.


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kyle, keep grinding brother, keep working to get better everyday and shake the haters off, I know you have said and done some stuff prolly but we ALL do when we are youngsters. So dont let em get you down buddy and keep learning the game. Unfortunately a lot of people seem to start alliances so that they can farm and conquer ez inactives as they get to see that stuff as founders etc. not cool but it is what it is. Some people have no scruples and will do anything to win, me I just kick they butts anyways and laugh at them. So keep trucking and growing every day it be all good. Whats your name in Juktas ? what alliance?