Video Guides


Hi there folks,
I am back as the wiki moderator.

I will be creating a load of video guides for the wiki. Something that takes hundreds of words to explain can be much more easily explained and understood in a really short video.

What I was thinking of doing was having one long video for all of the really really basic stuff-
How to send your first attack, how to spy, how to farm, how to set up/join an alliance etc.
Then have something under that says-
Just to 2:35 to see 'How to Attack'

That covers all of the basic stuff. Then have individual ones for things like making reservations, using premium features such as the attack planner etc

And also how to conquer, back time, sniping and more advanced stuff.

Don't expect this to happen overnight. These videos will have to come from several different people and I will try to do audio descriptions with them to talk you through what is happening.

This will be a long project, but it will happen. Certainly in the next 2 months, hopefully sooner.

I'll keep you all posted!


Guess who's back back back back again again again thomas is back back back tell a friend friend friend. Welcome back Thomas :-D