Victors of the World - The Union


This morning at about 3:00 server time, The Union, officially became Victors of Eta with completion of our 4th wonder. It has been a long road and will not be complete until we finish as Rulers of Eta. There are so many current and former members of TU that contributed to this victory and there is not enough praise that can be heaped upon everyone.

I said this on the History Lesson thread over 10 months ago:

The Union ... Started as The Union, remains The Union and will win or close this world as The Union.

We have evolved as the world has aged but we have never wavered from the path laid down by our very own Tyler Boyd. Our subsequent leaders: Bossfest, Jamminz and Pot Pie and my esteemed fellow members of the council, past and present, have steered us through the twists and turns always keeping us on course.

Everyone who has joined TU has made major contributions. We would not have made it hear without everyone that has been or is currently in The Union. The strength of TU has always come from the membership pushing leadership to be better, not the other way around.

I thank my entire alliance for this victory ... now its time to do some more damage.

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Don't forget to specifically thank Matt Braxton (and Lightertoss too) for being a traitor and a rat. You guys got the 4 and certainly were a force. And obviously all is fair when it comes to war (or war games), but the fact that you guys were trying to turn people (and eventually did) from the moment we took our wonders shows you guys knew you couldn't get all 7 on your own through force.


Yes, Matt absolutely made a huge difference. But remember he came into Eta as a member of TU from another world. He was returning home. I have no doubt that we would have eventually broken your wonder islands and I personally would have preferred that, but war gaming is rarely pretty. You can thank your very own mnstrblazer for Lightertoss and Matt was the only person we spoke too. With the members of NW you guys recruited and turned, that is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black.

We got the 4 with one alliance, you guys got 2 with an alliance and 3 academies. I don't know if the plan was to just hold 2 wonders and stall but that would not be much of a plan.

Our easily searchable records on grepointel or grepostats tell the story of how all of our wars have gone and I believe it would have continued the same with SBC had it been needed. I'm sure you disagree but I have seen no evidence of that in the battles I have been a part of. Those battles should likely continue till the world closes.

I understand the frustration and likely would feel the same way. Good luck with the rest of your time in the world, I'm sure you have a few targets in mind to take that frustration out on.


What is funny is that in the forums Matt talked about how ticked he was that you guys kicked him out of TU and that he wanted to see you guys fail. I would hardly consider the guys we took on from NW as the same thing. For one it started with one in particular speaking with us and was not happy with the leadership in NW and switched months ago, long before WW era began. The remaining NW that switched were his friends and also had issues with the former NW leadership.

No doubt you guys had superior numbers in terms of cities in your alliance even when including our academies. Our plan was never to just stall, Matt should be able to tell you that.

Yes, you guys have won all your wars previously but you never faced anyone of our size and power. You guys did some serious damage early with the battles first began, but the majority of your victories took place in oceans you guys primarily held already..AND we also had NW hitting at the same time. Still there was no penetration of our ocean strong holds.

I'd say the odds were definitely on your side, and as I said before kudos to you for the victory but you guys would never break us.

Its too bad that NW and their leadership were too stupid and stubborn that they rather lose entirely for sure in order to see us lose (because of one former member) than try to prevent you guys from winning and prolonging the fight. Although I keep waiting to see one of those NW leaders to flip the banner to TU as well.


@ Rafa - I've played with the best in this game for several years under different aliases. This was by far my favorite server - I love watching the slow worlds unfold. My decision to join TU was almost solely based as a slight to Blazer - his negativity forced a lot of very good players to quit, which I cannot forgive.

I will say that there are many excellent players in both TU and SBC, and Blazer is one of them (although I hate admitting that). If it came to an all out war between the two, it would likely result in a stalemate. Once players know how to defend effectively as a group, there is little chance of success by attackers on revolt worlds.

Throughout the last two years, I have repeatedly heard how TU is this evil, backstabbing entity. I never encountered anything like that when dealing with them. They have always been cordial and shown good form. The best grepo players are generally very intelligent and respectful - those that aren't are weeded out.


Through conquest, battles, diplomacy, acquisition and even subterfuge, we have finally completed the task. We won the battles. We won the war.

Congrats to everyone, including those that did not win. Hopefully see you in another game soon.