Victor Of Delos


So when asked who won Delos, the answer cannot be Soulbreakers, GOW, or even Rawdawgin. They were unfortunately to scared to enter WW in Delos on their own merits. No the correct answer is Allies, an alliance put together out of fear and although I wholeheartedly congratulate them on their winning WW in Delos, I can't help thinking that it was a very shallow victory.

It will however be very nice to answer when asked, hay who won in Delos, and I can answer, well not who you think. LOL LOL LOL


I don't consider it a win until one alliance has all 7. So it's kind of a win in my book.

Still the victors so far anyway.


7/7 Doesnt count for anything as everyone on the server can win the 7/7. 4/7 is the real win but you are right there is still a fight for whats left.


Don't be a sore loser man :p They had a strat and it worked (Common Strat nowadays). Congrats on the win.
Yep good strategy for sure, but would've liked for them to have merged into an existing alliance instead of creating a new one. But yes a good strategy, lining up the players with the most strategic placings. Funny how alliances can be super enemies right up to the last month and then they pretend to be best buddies. LOL


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Uhhhhhmmmmm do you play in delos?
Did you not see what we have done we build 4 WW while today 2 other ally's got onley 1 ww done!
and then say it's a tiny win!? o.o
who are the loosers here?
not us allies.... we played with all our heart and love for grepo and it payed off big time!
thisisgrepolis play the game as intended or not WE ARE ONE!
:p greets THUNDERbunny.

Aren't you the guy who posted a screen shot of their computer showing that you had a bot running?