US84 - Top 12 Sink or Swim


Ryvirath won't give us a forum, so I'm setting up shop here.

Anyone wanna do a top 12?


I'll make a basic one I guess. If someone wants to go more in-depth than me, by all means, go for it

as of 10/18/19

1. Clash of Egos- Swim: A very strong team with a great shot of winning. Coming off of a win in Taras this group is made up of some of the strongest players in CQ worlds right now.

2 + 3. Pigs Latin/Pen- Swim: Another strong group that recently won in Katane. Their massive numbers and strong LMDs are a force to be reckoned with. The battle to watch is between them and the egos.

4. Immortal Elites- Sink: A group that was at the top of the leaderboards in the beginning of the world and is now on a downward spiral. Losing all wars against real alliances and it doesn't help when there is little to no leadership. They haven't performed well in any war against notable alliances in any world.

5. Gods of War- Swim: A decent looking group that is battle for control in the center of the world. A handful of notable players and good leadership makes this group seem like they can go far.

6. Silly Rabbits- Swim: A group of players not seen since Sestos and coming back fighting. Joined a bit late but growing steadily and definitely a group to watch out for.

7. Causa Mortis- Float: A group with a few notable names but not showing many signs of longevity. Float for now until they fight / merge with one of the big dogs

8. Rebellution- Sink: I don't know enough about them and they aren't my group

9. Pigs resurrection- Swim: See 2 + 3

10. EgoManiacs- Swim: See 1

11. An Alliance Has No Name- Sink: Don't know much about them and alliances do have names

12. The Gribbe Posse- Swim: My group so I'll let you make your own assumptions.