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Hello players of US. Grepolis! We are now releasing a skype bot for this server. This bot will allow you to find out stuff ingame, while merely looking at your skype. Through the bot you can access info on player rankings, cities near you, alliances's top attackers, and much more! One of the main features the skype bot is known for is it's ability to monitor alliances, notifying you when a member on that alliance gains dbp, all conquests in the alliance, and member changes.

*Note: The Grepo Skype Bot is meant for chat rooms, so for the functions to work, the bot must be in a room.

How to get Skype Bot

Getting Skype
To use the skype bot, you first need a skype account. Skype is an easy, user friendly chat system that allows you to have instant communication with your alliance teammates. It is also a free download, so no money will be spent.
Click Here for the skype download page.

Adding Bot as Contact
Once you have skype the next step you need to do is add the grepo bot as a contact.
The bot's skype name is: usgrepbot (it's profile picture has C3PO on it)
For those of you who have never used skype before:
-Go to the search box
-Type in "usgrepbot"
-Click on the grepo bot
-Click "Add as contact"
-The bot will automatically add you as a contact

Adding Bot to your chat room
Once the bot has added you as a contact you then need to add it to your chat room.
You can do this by clicking on your room, and then dragging the bot in.
Another possible way is to type in your chat room: "/add usgrepbot"
After you do this, the bot will start to work.

**Note: Due to a recent Skype API update the bot will not work in chats created with newer Skype versions. If this is the case you can use !createchat from the chat room the bot added you to when you sent it a contact request and it will create a chat room where all commands work!**

How the Bot Works
The Skype bot is programed to respond to commands that you make. The list of commands are stated further down this page.
The bot will understand the command by you typing a "!" in front of it.
For Example:
Swamp-Fox: !player juktas swamp-fox
US Grepo Bot: [*] Swamp-Fox (Radioactive): 88508 points, 12 town(s), rank 53

  • Help
  • Conquest
  • Easymoney
  • ListAlli
  • Monitor
  • Monitor list
  • Rangelimit
  • Nearghost
  • Nearplayer
  • NearAlli
  • Player
  • Towns
  • Territory
  • TopRank

This is for if you ever forget the list of commands.
If you type: "!help" into skype, then the bot will respond with this:


Description: Returns last 48 hours of conquests for given alliance
How to use: !conquests <server> <alliance name>
Ex: !conquests juktas radioactive
[spr][*] Conquests Involving Radioactive in the last 48 hours [*]
XXX(Radioactive) conquered XXX (Alliance)[/spr]

Description: Returns towns of a certain point size from alliances of a certain point size for a certain ocean
How to use: !EASYMONEY <server> <min town points> <max alliance points> [ocean]
Ex: !easymoney juktas 9000 1000000 54
[spr][*] 0 alliances with <= 1000000 points:[/spr]

Description: Returns the towns for an alliance in specific oceans
How to use: !listalli <server> [Ocean] <alliance>
Example: !listalli juktas 54 radioactive
[spr]54 Radioactive members in ocean 54:
01:player A (100000000 points)(10000 towns)(rank 1)[/spr]

Description: Adds an Alliance or Player to the DefBP and Conquest watch list for this chat room. Repeat same command to remove monitor. Will notify you when the monitored alliance has a member change, a member has a gain in dbp, or there is a conquest.
How to use: !monitor <server> <alliance or player name>
Example: !monitor juktas radioactive
[spr][*] Processing your request:
[3:25:54 PM] Grepo Bot: [*] Monitor Enabled for this channel. Repeat this command to disable.

Monitor List
Description: Lists all the alliances/players currently being monitored
How to use: !monitorlist
Example: !monitorlist
[spr]Alliances/Players Monitored in this Chat

Description: Controls the range limit for other commands such as nearghost. (Standard limit is 30)
How to use: !rangelimit <number>
Example: !rangelimit 40
[spr][*] Range Limit Updated: 40
*Rangelimit used by TERRITORY command[/spr]


Description: Returns list of Ghost Towns of certain points near a coordinate
How to use: !NEARGHOST <server> <coords> <min points>
Ex: !nearghost juktas 500,500 2000
[spr][*] 8 Ghost town(s) near 500x500 with points greater than 2000:
1: super secret base (525x509) (2220 points) (26 away)
2: Constantinople (490x474) (2253 points) (27 away)
3: oh YES i did (483x474) (2073 points) (31 away)
4: atlees city (471x485) (2213 points) (32 away)
5: trucknasty's city (454x528 ) (2216 points) (53 away)
6: ISSMISSIS Reborn (445x524) (2116 points) (60 away)
7: Olympia (555x476) (2244 points) (60 away)
8: mandini210's city (453x556) (2071 points) (73 away)[/spr]

Description: Returns the towns of a player nearest to coordinates
How to use: : !NEARPLAYER <server> <coords> <player>
Example: !nearplayer juktas 500,500 swamp-fox
[spr][*] 12 town(s) for Swamp-Fox (Radioactive):
01: Hiroshima (498x495 => 500,500) (5 away)
02: Radium (495x509 => 500,500) (10 away)
03: Chernobyl (501x514 => 500,500) (14 away)
04: Fukushima (494x486 => 500,500) (15 away)
05: Uranium (503x485 => 500,500) (15 away)
06: Lake Karachay (511x511 => 500,500) (15 away)
07: Plutonium (520x492 => 500,500) (21 away)
08: Siberian CC (474x496 => 500,500) (26 away)
09: Neptunium (517x524 => 500,500) (29 away)
10: The Polygon (506x466 => 500,500) (34 away)
11: Polonium (517x463 => 500,500) (40 away)
12: Mailuu-Suu (572x488 => 500,500) (72 away)[/spr]

Description: Returns the towns of a certain size for alliances nearest a coordinate.
How to use: !NEARALLI <server> {bbcode} <coords> <point limit> <alliance> **bbcode is optional
Example: !nearalli juktas 500,500 13000 radioactive
[spr][*] 4 towns (>=13000 points) for Radioactive (Range: 30):
1: (Draceus) Draceus City1.2 @ 501x514 (13716 points) (14 away)
2: (Giztell) Giztell's city @ 494x486 (13716 points) (15 away)
3: (CHRONOU) 6A55 @ 516x519 (13335 points) (24 away)
4: (Loach895) Loach Cavern @ 479x478 (13618 points) (30 away)[/spr]

Description: Returns players points, number of towns and rank
How to use: !PLAYER <server> {bbcode} <player name/id> **bbcode is optional
Example: !player juktas swamp-fox
[spr][*] Swamp-Fox (Radioactive): 88508 points, 12 town(s), rank 53[/spr]

Description: Returns town names, coordinates and points for a given player
How to use: !TOWNS <server> {bbcode} <player name> *bbcode is optional
Example: !towns juktas swamp-fox
[spr][*] 12 town(s) for Swamp-Fox (Radioactive):
01: Hiroshima (495x1) 6599 points
02: Lake Karachay (511x19) 7276 points
03: Radium (509x12) 8098 points
04: Plutonium (492x13) 7521 points
05: Chernobyl (514x5) 5701 points
06: Siberian CC (496x16) 7518 points
07: Uranium (485x0) 10256 points
08: Polonium (463x15) 7158 points
09: Neptunium (524x6) 7111 points
10: The Polygon (466x17) 6602 points
11: Mailuu-Suu (488x2) 8286 points
12: Fukushima (486x16) 6425 points[/spr]

Description: Returns a breakdown of oceans an alliance resides in
How to use: !TERRITORY <server> <alliance id/name>
Example: !territory juktas radioactive
[spr][*] Territory Summary for Radioactive (5646300 points)
Ocean 54: 1591762 points (28.19%) 201 towns
Ocean 44: 1479499 points (26.2%) 186 towns
Ocean 55: 1351967 points (23.94%) 166 towns
Ocean 45: 888313 points (15.73%) 110 towns
Ocean 66: 99731 points (1.77%) 13 towns
Ocean 46: 72107 points (1.28%) 9 towns
Ocean 56: 64765 points (1.15%) 10 towns
Ocean 53: 28619 points (0.51%) 3 towns
Ocean 43: 22506 points (0.4%) 3 towns
Ocean 35: 13962 points (0.25%) 2 towns
Ocean 65: 11723 points (0.21%) 2 towns
Ocean 63: 8043 points (0.14%) 1 town
Ocean 34: 6948 points (0.12%) 1 town
Ocean 36: 6355 points (0.11%) 1 town[/spr]

Description: Returns the X amount top Defenders, Attackers and Fighters for a specific alliance
How to use: !toprank <server> {bbcode} <limit> <Alliance id> *bbcode is optional
Example: !toprank juktas 10 radioactive
[spr]Top Defenders for Radioactive
1) David Alexey - 41778
2) Peterpanic - 32735
3) Isaac11 - 22267
4) WHITEFACE - 20527
5) Kaka22tm - 19730
6) niko.paterakis - 19265
7) Glenndale41 - 14024
8) KaylaPlum - 12355
9) Rated007 - 10647
10) CHRONOU - 9454
Top Attackers for Radioactive
1) niko.paterakis - 100710
2) Peterpanic - 81643
3) scr3amwolf - 78198
4) Isaac11 - 70660
5) Truegold - 52413
6) David Alexey - 49143
7) KaylaPlum - 46033
8) Glenndale41 - 43676
9) Kaka22tm - 41373
10) CHRONOU - 39245
Top Fighters for Radioactive
1) niko.paterakis - 119975
2) Peterpanic - 114378
3) Isaac11 - 92927
4) David Alexey - 90921
5) scr3amwolf - 86321
6) Kaka22tm - 61103
7) KaylaPlum - 58388
8) Glenndale41 - 57700
9) Truegold - 56947
10) WHITEFACE - 52713[/spr]


Have a suggestion for a new command or feature? Let the BotMaster know using the feedback command.
Example: !feedback Can you add....

Request help
If you are having trouble with the bot than type in "!requesthelp."
Once you do that, one of the skype bot's operators will contact you and help you solve your problem.
All contact will be done via Skype.
King David II is the manager of the bot and will answer and questions or complaints you have.
Once the problem is solved, the operator will un-add you as a contact.

If you are abusing the skype bot, this will result in a ban on using it.
Abuse includes:
-Abusing the help request system
-Spamming the bot. (repeating noncommand phrases starting with "!". Ex. !lol, !lol, !lol)
-Constantly enabling and disabling the monitor.

Hope you all have fun with the US Grepo Skype Bot!
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Grepo Bot has been down for my in Baris for about a week now. Completely non-responsive..


Skype bot seems to be down since 7-11-16. I am hoping that it is being worked on. If anyone knows can you please update us?


I can't get the Grep Bot to share contact information. I send mine but it never responds. Anyone have any suggestions?


Skype no longer allows the bots to work as they were, last I heard the people that made the bots don't have plans to re-write them so they can work, they are working on making bots for Discord.