Unsullied - Premade




The Unsullied are elite warrior-eunuchs bred and trained in Astapor, one of the three major cities of Slaver's Bay. They are slave-soldiers famed for their skills and discipline in battle. They are also often purchased from Astapor by some of the Free Cities, such as Qohor.
Unsullied battle tactics are based on the legions of the old Ghiscari Empire, involving large groups of them fighting in lock-step phalanxes using spear and shield, though they are also trained to use shortswords for close-quarters combat. Slave-eunuchs who have been trained from birth to fight, the Unsullied are renowned for their utter discipline on the battlefield, both in their usage of incredibly coordinated large unit phalanx formations, and because they will never break in the face of overwhelming odds, even to the point of death.

This alliance will consist of many players that have played together on Herklion in Usual Suspects. We will be very picky with those who wish to join. We also look forward to meeting and playing along side some new faces. This group is highly active and knows how to play the game how it should be played. We utilize Skype as a chat service to coordinate attacks and plan effectively.

We may also take it upon ourselves to manage the forum newspaper ;)

We will not be creating pacts early if at all.

Once the action begins, we will be measuring new members strictly by ABPs, DBPs, and game activity.

Let the games begin!


Pvt. Part

I would like to join 8) Sounds like you guys might know what you are doing. ;)