Two for Flinching


Two For Flinching

Personal experience:
Im pretty sure no one knows me here. Hello my name is Hagop. I'm an en grepo player who played the game for 4 years now. I just joined the US grepo since the devs aren't releasing a new world in the en grepolis. I've played with many alliances and lead some quiet successful ones.

About the alliance:
This alliance will be an aggressive alliance that will remain in this world till the end game. It is based in O66 because I joined the game too late, and will also be a democratically lead alliance.

Requirements to join:
None actually. I don't care about experience since we all had to start somewhere. All I care about is activity and the willingness to cooperate. If you want to join please message me so I provide you with a link to land in an island near me.