Turtle Time

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The Booty Warrior Cult
Give us that booty!


What I'm Looking For
10-25 competent players that already know the game and play it well and don't care about building world wonders...Because I don't plan on making them. Just looking to have fun.

Must be able to follow a plan.
Must have their alarms on.
Must NOT build walls.
Please don't be socially awkward.

Who Won't Get In And If They Do, They Won't Last
If you're the type of person that thinks we should make a ton of allies or open multiple branches, this is not the team for you.
If you can't handle spam or constant attacks then this is not the team for you.
If you get irritated by being pinged at odd hours for support or breaks, this is not the team for you openly.
If you don't build your own support, then create a fuss about not having support, this is definitely not the team for you and I will ruthlessly make fun of you.
If you're the kind of person that sees multiple contested sieges going on and decides to add another and then complains when it doesn't work, this is not the team for you.

Contact me on here if you're interested. Or on skype @srwrestling2011.

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Smilodon it has been a long time since we played together


This sounds like what I'm looking for. WW are of little interest, they are easily done if you eliminate the competition


I mean if we are the last group standing then I guess the world is never ending. But thankfully, I doubt we'll be the only group left capable of building WW.


Smilodon Fatalis are you in that world if so lets team up.

but do you even remember ma, if so i am in the world already. but under a new nick..