Troy Milestones


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Miscellaneous Milestones

First Little War (25 Conquests between each side):

First Big War (50 Conquests between each side):

First Major War (100 Conquests between each side):

First person to organize a victory procession: buma676
First person to conquer an active player (2,000+ pts.): twesley

First person to conquer an inactive or ghost player: Emilio Estebez

First person to perform a sabotage / disband: seaculo

First alliance to build a World Wonder:

First alliance to build 2 World Wonders:

First alliance to build 2 World Wonders to level 5:

First alliance to build 4 World Wonders:

First alliance to build 4 World Wonders to level 5:

First alliance to build 7 World Wonders:

First alliance to build 7 World Wonders to level 5:

First alliance to top their ocean's player ranks (top 15, each player must have 5 cities min): Picnic Bunnies

First alliance to top global player ranks (top 5, each player must have 5 cities min.):

First alliance to have a Public Coalition formed against them (Three of the top 15 alliances, over 100k): Picnic Bunnies (*Restricted Access* *.Restricted Access* *Restricted Access* *Restricted.Access*, CERBERUS, CERBERUS2, Offensive Language, Hell Hounds, Horsemen of Hell, The Black Company 1st Bn, The Black Company 2nd Bn, and The JOKERS)

First alliance to control one full ocean (200+ cities, #2 has half or less): Picnic Bunnies


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Fortna4 is the second to 50 towns

PB is the first to 250k average (80k more than the second closest team)

PB is the first team to 10m Total BP.


Picnic first to finish a wonder.
First to finish 2


So the World is all but over

Many early discussions made an attempt to guess who would win the World.
The facts will show that it was The Picnic Bunnies, who take away the accolade of Victors of the World.


We have been helped along the way by our allies Vikings Reborn, Offensive language & Northern Lights.
Ultimately games are won and lost on the trust we place in others, and these alliances stuck by there word.

This World will be remembered by the early offensive domination of the Bunnies sweeping aside all that faced us.
Happily reflected in our domination of the BP stats


The downside is i believe we were universally hated :)

As they game grew old many players thoughts turned to the boring bit of the game in forming the wonders.
The diplomacy and infighting started as in every world.

Previous allies became enemies when egos and personalities took over.

But through all this new friendships were formed. The Vikings who in the early days were food for the Bunnies stood by their word to put those days behind them and work with us.
And for that i would like to personally thank Bryle the Great.
To many forget this is a game, and those who were once enemies may be your allies in the next world.


The age of Wonders started, and although the Bunnies and their allies were outnumbered by those against them. We had those in our ranks with the skill and dedication to do the numbers.
Far to many forget this is a maths based game. MissInnocence and others simply sat on skype number crunching and adjusting, to guarantee the bunnies would complete 4 of the wonders first.
And although close at times it became clear that we simply had the better activity levels, even if we were outnumbered in members.

Our allies came good jumping in and out for the alliance to send resources.

We watched other alliances do similar.

TBC 1,2 & 3 made themselves known in their dedication to try and outbuild us. And although they were never ever in our ocean to be a foe. It became apparent that we would have to go to war at some stage.

The red dots started founding in our areas, in anticipation of having to break our wonders.

Our strategy was quite simple, we felt we were the best and most active. So no one would ever break our wonders.


As always Grepo throws up the issues of the game. and the treachery that follows. Greg and zach decided that they didnt have the fight in them to see out the world. And did a deal with TBC to break some of our wonders in the hope that the Bunnies would fold and others could go on to complete all 7.
They were wrong, it simply united us to hold what remained knowing only the Bunnies would leave with an accolade from this world.

The boring end game dragged on, and all alliances lost players to bordem and RL. Stats indicated the Bunnies were suffering a little more than others in this respect.
But we knew we had the core strenght to hold out regardless.
ArmyOfShadowhunters made the effort to push into our remaining wonder areas.

The red dots grew in numbers and size around our core.

We looked to our southern players to put pressure on TBCs wonder area. With hrothgar2000 and his small clan down there making efforts to tease and look for weakness in TBC wonder.

Ultimately like so many worlds before, weakness was down to inactivity by players.
And all alliances found this in each other.

Players names became more obvious threats. Honourable mentions to Strikin, Jheader and Karlos
for pressurising us in our core.
Being continual pains :)
Their dedication in making attempts to break our wonders was shown in both their own Bp stats (big respect for karlos for being the clear No1 offence player)


And the Bunnies stats on defence as a consequence


But ultimately all was in vain for our enemies. We managed to hold onto a single wonder at the end to make sure no deals could be done by others to gift a Master of The World award to them.

And i feel the Bunnies will leave the world with the stats showing how hard those that made it to the end, as well as those that had to leave along the way worked to help us dominate Troy.


Certain players deserve their rankings in BP and points.
Others simmed to the end. Not my style, but admittedly everyone's style can have a value in a game as diverse as this.
We all have our perspective on how the game should and shouldn't be played, and some on both sides pushed the boundaries of what can be considered fair game play.

But im pleased to have been a bunny, and would happily play with my team again.

Id also like to thank our many enemies who made this game the addiction it is. Plenty of those i would happily play other worlds with as allies.

So my best wishes to all, and for those that are leaving the world of grepolis enjoy RL :)

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JD Feyd

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I wanted to leave my mark on Troy and I think over 8 million BP will do it. LOL I couldn't of done it without TBC's help so thanks guys haha


I would like to chime in and give condolesnces to everyone that was not a bunny. It must be incredibly embarrassing to gain overwhelming numbers and perform backdoor dirty deals to try and sabotage the elite alliance, and come up short. Rank incompetence LoL
This server was full of a lot of dirt bags.
It was fun for the first 6 mos...