TroJan Death Punch!


Hey everyone!

I am DONLord. I have played on multiple worlds with multiple accounts.
I will be making an alliance here on US18-Rho.
So far, I have 10 guys coming with me and waiting on more guys to respond.

Alliance information:
-Located: North-West.
-Name: TroJan Death Punch.
-List of members:
Dave Kaos
Brony of Truth
And more on the way...
(I will post here when I get more).

A little something about us:

We are surely not to be messed with. We like to have friends, but not too many.
We have been very successful in the past and plan to do it again here in US18-Rho. Also, we will be located NORTH-WEST. We plan to control all of this ocean. The closer we are together, the better.

Alliance Rules:
-Must be active everyday.
-Must post in the forums and help other out whenever needed!(This is a big one)
-If you do not post in forums or like to participate, don't bother asking to join.
-Must have previous Grepo experience!

Acts of War:
I'm sure you all know this by now, but just in case, I will post it anyways.

-Spying on any of our members is an ACT OF WAR!
-Farming/attacking our members.
-Inviting our members.
-Or just plain being RUDE.

Merge or Pacts:
If any alliance would like to have a merge with us will have to understand that it will be on our terms. We do not merge into ANYONE.
As far as pacts go; we will be very limited when it comes to pacts.
We won't just accept random pacts.

If anyone wishes to join, please state your previous Grepo experience!
Message me here or in-game when the world opens.

Thank you,
DON 8)
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Good luck! :)

EDIT: Where have you played before this? :)
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Thank you!!

I used to play on Mu.
And the last world I played on before this was, en66 Apollonia.(Seperate account).
My alliance was top 5, but I didn't like the world settings. So I decided to switch worlds.

You playing on this world as well?


Nice to meet you, too! Guess we'll have fun in the NW, huh? :p


I played in the biggest alliance, Mount Olympus.

I was leader until I decided to leave to play with other friends in en66 Apollonia.

You playing in this world, Sasquatch?