Triumvirate - Premade


Hi all, Triumvirate will be forming in Heraklion on Day One as a premade. We already have several highly active players who all have Heroic Tactician signed up to join and are in the process of contacting several old friends and seeking new ones. Our main requirements are high activity and participation, failing in either of these will lead to a boot and conquest!

Below is "The Most Important Thread" that will go up along with several others on Day One, feel free to take a sneak peek into what you'll see when you first join Triumvirate! Anyone interested post in this thread and I'll message you shortly.


Welcome to Triumvirate, this post is the single most important thread in the forums and will briefly outline your first steps, requirements, ranks, benefits of membership, and reminders on what's next. Without further ado!

First Steps
Here are the things you must do within 24 hours of joining:
In settings (The sprocket) set the time to PST. This is ALLIANCE TIME
Post a hello in the Introductions thread in GENERAL
Report in to your cohort by posting in its thread in COHORTS

Activity: Log on at least once every 24 hours unless on Vacation Mode.
Posting: Communicate using the forums giving all relevant information.
Cohort: Help your cohort members when they are conquering or defending.
Stickies: Read the stickies in the OFFENSE, DEFENSE, & COHORTS forum.
Friendly: Chat with your fellow members! Be friendly, post in off topic, have fun!

Initiate: Have talked to a recruiter and decided to join Triumvirate!
Legionary: (1) Post in Introduction; (2) Report to Cohort; (3) Active 3 Days
Evocati: (1) Active in Forums or Chat; (2) Set up Tripwires; (3) Active 1 Week
Centurion: (1) Fought in 3 Offense/Defense; (2) Posted 3 Reports (3) Active 2 Weeks
Tribune: (1) Fought in 10 Offense/Defense; (2) Active 1 Month
Legate: (1) Fought in 20 Offense/Defense; (2) Lead a Cohort; (3) Active 2 Months
Triumvir: A leader of Triumvirate.

Praetor is a special rank granted to active, experienced, intelligent members who can:
Recruit players into Triumvirate
Order the alliance to bolt / quake cities
Coordinate offensive and defensive maneuvers
Is a forum administrator

Benefits of Membership
The benefits to being in an active, organized, fun alliance are:
Defense: Your cohort and allies will support you with troops, spells, and resources!
Conquest: Nice town, lets take it! Your cohort will send attacks to aid your victory!
Comrades: Laughs! Links! Victory! What more could you want?

Reminder - Please Read:
Cohorts & Units in COHORTS
Mandatory Tripwires in COHORTS
Offense Template in OFFENSE
Who to Attack in OFFENSE
Defense Template in DEFENSE
Introductions in ANNOUNCEMENTS

Reminder - Please Post:
Hello in the Introductions thread
Report in to your cohort thread

Welcome to the team, enjoy your stay!
Triumvirs Serekh & Tyrael
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Tyrael Primus

Hello all, I've been active in Triumvirate on another Grepolis server and worked with Serekh before. There are several advantages to starting at the same time on a new server. Serekh will organize this and we will begin as soon as the server is up. I look forward to pillaging many cities with this new incarnation of Triumvirate!

Triumvir Tyrael
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Irrefusable offer

its too structured... I think there is a reason you have failed twice... good luck...


The other Triumvirate isn't us, we've only had one incarnation on Byzantium.

The issue in Byzantium was actually because we expanded too quickly. We accepted a lot of players, some of whom turned out to be relatively inexperienced and poor at communication (Not to mention inactives). The only thing that matters in Grepolis is highly active players who communicate, everyone else is a liability who you're forced to defend.

A highly organized 8 man alliance can destroy a 60-man alliance that only has 4-5 very active players. I know, I've been there. However, if you see areas to reduce overhead and would like to join, then I'd be glad to take your suggestions and work with you in-game!

Edit: Upon reflection I took a bit of your advice and removed a minor requirement.
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I am Really interested in this World so if i can find that this is a good alliance i am Willing to join. I am good for Specialty Positions or Even leadership if needed. I have played on Multiple worlds, and i am a Very active player of Grepolis. I can use Skype, and and i do sometimes Buy Gold. I leave the judging to you now.


i have a few questions:

-How active are you and how much experience do you have at leading an alliance?
-Point requirement for the first day
- How does the government work and is there an application for it
-Is it a democracy or a totalitarian alliance where you do what the founder say?

King David II

I knew that just reminding him he said that :p
Anyway..... good luck to Triumvirate! :D


Gonna join up.
Looking forward to a successful alliance filled with active and engaged players!
See you guys in Heraklion!!


Senior Citizen
I will be joining, have some good experience with The Ritchie Boys in Epsilon, only active world is Ephesus at the moment, looking forward to a revolt world:))


I will be joining, have some good experience with The Ritchie Boys in Epsilon, only active world is Ephesus at the moment, looking forward to a revolt world:))
Whats up peeps, I am with Russki4ever, have a good amount of experience almost 2 years. Played in Zeta with Echelon, lets kick Butt here!!


maybe ill join kinda confusing ranks though

I will be joining, have some good experience with The Ritchie Boys in Epsilon, only active world is Ephesus at the moment, looking forward to a revolt world:))
What happened in Delphi russki?
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Ill join you guys, this isn't the name I use for ingame so pm me if you want me and Ill tell you my name.


Hello all!

I have been looking forward to rejoining this alliance ever since we decided to switch to another world. Count me in!