Trial of The Slingers Feedback Thread


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Let us know how you feel about the event coming on the 25th! It's a chance to sling ahead of the competition :)

Dark Alice 14

i rather like the animation. with this game there is very little moving elements 2 it. nothing really 2 look at. with regard 2 the event what's not there is more the problem. no resource tokens 2 win. the cost is so high that smaller players who dont have gold cant get bigger prizes 2 stay competative or fight back, they end up wasting their tokens they earn on weakened biremes that cant compete with LS nukes. and the mythics earned from the event just a few of them can easily kill all the swordsmen, archers, ect the players on def can get. so one mythic token can kill 3-6 def tokens easy, get a revolt, and your city is gone. and there is no favor tokens, or rewards that speed up building build times, ect.. so 4 beginner players there is not much there they can use. becos a beginners city will have limits on population, so all the tokens are nearly useless, as they use up all the population that is spare., giving the little player less 2 use compared with larger account players. so the bigger players get bigger, spend get even bigger. yous guys starting players get no where, and quit, after getting cleaned out , so that is what is happening with the events. this last event on pandosia, the top alliances cashed in, removed all the smaller alliances right from the core. the result was 100 players left. all cos of the event giving the edge 2 bigger players, and bigger alliances. so 2 thos who will get on here, and say im whining, well. these are the facts. :)
im sure if the devs played their own game, (at least once) didnt use gold, landed in o55, on any server, they would see the fundamental issue that is killing off interest of not only their new players trying out the game, but their loyal core players who have been with them many years.
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This is the problem with so many of the events - gold into the top awards to stack up extra bonuses. The only good thing with this event is that everyone benefits from the overall community progress.

To your last point, having the developers play in competitive worlds, with a non-trivial number of cities would probably result in many changes that would improve overall game play, simplify management of multiple cities, and understand the effects of gold and the events on game play.