Trash Talk


Ur right. It's just disappointing to see a world become so one sided so rapidly
I agree 100% this world was the least competitive server i have personally played on. So much so we are probably going to an EU server after this to try and find a more competitive one


texan12! Missed u buddy bc no one is on skype anymore. apparently u guys all migrated somewhere. lol. I'm trying to hunt down my old buddies and maybe play for like a bit not much but a bit :p


They have mostly migrated over to the Discord App... I am looking to jump into the next Revolt World... I played my first Revolt World with you Cleopatra


The Usual Suspects are not usual. They are unusually good players. Leadership is what made the alliance. I am an average player , who doesn't use much gold. So I am not at the top of the world. I am glad to be on this alliance. The people are great and that contributes to making the game fun. Great players are drawn to us because we came out the door fighting and haven't stopped since. Other teams came out the door defending, except maybe Skirmish. It is absurd to have to wait 6 months to get to WW when we shoulda been there Jan. 1st.