Trash talk


baddies got something to say after losing wonders? thought so. say something dumb to the champ. gimme a target to keep up for 5 days LOLOLOL. ya'll know my name. im still here.


Ya I know the name and the five+ accounts you played on this world lol. Gotta give it to your four alliances, you outplayed us hard and won fair and square. We were out numbered and out skilled. Lack of participation, poor planning and poor leadership is all on us. But lets get three things straight real quick. You guys had the numbers, you didn't do anything to contribute towards the win aside from piss people off and finally, pre wonders and having everyone quit we were killing you in conquests as well. Now now you are probably going to say haha you are just making excuses and you are right. We lost fair and square but to come out and act like you personally did anything and talk trash well that's just wrong. I can already feel the spam coming and the response you are about conjure up but hey might as well feed the beast a bit :)

Worlds not over yet either, don't have high hopes but not quitting yet :p
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Brody must be unemployed again and looking to vent his frustration at constantly having to switch accounts while having 0 impact on the server. So impressive hahaha get on your bike and go find a job.