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The Smilodon Fatalis it really doesn't matter where Inked up is going to be located we will find each other before you know it. Our alliances are evenly matched for the most part. Since TPT members are not here to win we will bring the fight to you guys/galls. WE are here to prove that we are the best allaince nothing more, nothing less.

Inked up members buy more gold than we are costume of buying. So that will of course give them an advantage at the start.
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I look forward to playing against AD and his children who said the same thing they are saying now until half of them ghosted and other half ran from pella see you guys soon hope I start on islands with you guys
Mayo, what's up my brother?
Well you are (whether or not you like to admit it) one of AD's children too.
So you bringing your buddy buckeye like you said you would?

For the record, I did leave Pella to focus on us winning Tau (too bad you missed it), not running though. That world was tooooo slooowwww. No one took a thing from me, it was just plain boring.
This one won't be. Just a little quicker than where we're currently dominating in Rethymno.


Hey Pre-Actium players,

Please remember that discussions about bans or accusations of cheating is against the forum rules. If you feel like someone is cheating use the report feature in game.

Also I like all the activity, keep it up :-D
In addition, please keep this thread related to this alliance.

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Oh Mayo. You can stop with all this pretend. You know you love him oodles and oodles. He just makes your toes tingle and your first thought when you wake up every morning is, "Hmmm. I wonder what AD is doing today."

Come on by after AD goes to sleep. I'll let you in the back...Shhhh, don't tell anyone.

sure thing kerplunk


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Well i will send you an invite, Accept it and you will be on my island. But don't cry when your alarm never stops going off
O the flash attack list, The list that players use to keep you up all night because they can't take your city while you are awake.
Deboy take it from me, someone that went to high school with you, grew up in the same town as you. Run as far away from AD as far as you can he is going to give you a bad name. Hanging around him is like trying is like saying you are voting for Obama.
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Do you have a roster somewhere, and about how many of you are joining?


The Kraken has just took Mayo's Main City with zero support from his alliance that he is the founder off,

Who is next???