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Thursday at 9:55 PM
1 TBD- Still going strong, couple of players nearing the end of VM that may pose a problem. Then again, it's TBD. They'll handle it.
2/4/10 War Dogs- Also going strong, however they seem to be having problems actually winning on their own.
3 NE- Going to lose and they know it, they're just here for the fight I assume.
5 Tomato- Don't know much about these people
6 FES- Pacted with War Dogs to fight NE/TBD/Shawnee, have been trying to recruit more people to fight Shawnee/NE
7/8/9 Shawnee- Do they ever win? Completely irrelevant still unless they start fighting FES more seriously.
lolol. love keeping ya'll in the dark
Kudos to Whaler and FES for sending all the LS from their OLU nukes without the OLU to bait me. Show everyone why you deserve to be a float with all those OLU in the sea.
What were they supposed to do, ally people who HC with cats?

2. WD/WD2/GD/FES/Silence- FLOAT (GD or Silence will merge into WD/WD2, FES will outright sink.)

Stats don't lie, WD losing bad
They should have fought the both of us but they were too scared to do that.
And we aren’t losing bad, but keep thinking that. It’s a clear swim for both TBD and WD. The only two contenders for the world.
Plus you talk a lot of trash for someone with 130k fight points...
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