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Idk, one of the approved scripts has a button that opens a window where you can hit more buttons and find ABP totals, and then there's another smaller button that does math for you.

kj, I did the math and if what you're telling me is true, BS has haxed their BP into existence.


BS BP atm is 803662.
Grepo intel says that BS earned 21777 on the 6th, which is likely what you're referring to. That leaves us with 781885 BP that has to be taken into account. BS has been around for 15 days, but for fun let's make it 16. That's 48867.8125 BP a day that BS would have to get in order to be ranked where they are. Clearly, either their haxed their BP into existence or wherever you got your facts from is wrong.
I got around the same amount of ABP for the 6th using grepolis life


I did. You said the high ABP that BS earned in one day is 22k, putting BS in the world BEFORE IT OPENED.

I said the highest ABP that BS has achieved in a single day is around 22k. I'm NOT saying this is their average or anything of that nature. How is that not clear to you?


Alright this argument is aids. I looked at the stats and did my own math and with the 10 or so people in steve's list they gain about 40k ABP on the 6th (which is still higher than 22k). I don't understand why there is such a big argument when the numbers are literally sitting in front of your face. Now we can either count bps or count chromosomes but I think we'd all benefit from sticking to the calculator for numbers rather than counting with our fingers and toes.


grepointel cannot be relied on for accurate BP counts as of about the past year. I got 400k ABP in a day in apollonia and it showed 86k the day before and then nothing. I'm confident the sheer weight of my BP numbers broke their system. I have stopped using it altogether except for maps.

you're welcome