Top 12: Sink or Swim


Top 12 Sink or Swim

Soulbreakers Company US: A week ago I'd have given them a float/sink, but it seems they've rebounded nicely after the name change and all the internal drama SWIM

The Krew: My alliance

REAPERS: I originally thought all 3 alliances were MRAs and it still has some elements to it. But all three alliances ares still formidable SWIM

The Devils Rejects: Until an opponent comes into 35, they aren't leaving SWIM

Gods Of War: See Reapers SWIM

Devils Advocates: Academy to DR, but not by much points wise SWIM

Reapers of War: Same as the other two branches SWIM

Dark Angels: Great BP #s and they are still expanding SWIM

Cats in Hats: Again, not much competition in their area. We've given them a fair time period for evaluation, and they are doing well, but we've got to change it up a bit here SWIM THEN FLOAT

League of Delos: They have dropped recently. They are too spread out and the BP #s aren't great FLOAT THEN SINK

Soulbreakers Company EU: The other branch of the #1 alliance, same result SWIM

Children of Geryone: A smaller alliance player wise but the ones that are there are talented. In the long run, they will be beaten by the bigger opponents in that area FLOAT THEN SINK

Too many SWIMs? I think we are far enough into the world where we know the major players as far as alliances. Feel free to disagree.


Awesome top 12 I think its accurate not to many swims its just the way our world is for the moment everyone is doing great and holding there own


wow alot of changes i see since i have left but krew still going strong



Soulbreakers Company US: SWIM

The Krew: My alliance

Gods Of War: SWIM

The Devils Rejects: SWIM


Cats in Hats: SWIM

Devils Advocates: SWIM

Soulbreakers Company EU: SWIM


Puss in Boots: SWIM

Dark Angels: SINK



Would be nice to see a new Sink Or Swim report and compare to the last one, especially with Reapers now dying a slow death and being absorbed by GOW.


Reapers and GOW are sister alliances. They're probably merging.


I wouldn't quite call it merging. There taking in what good players they can and hoping for the best when the rest of Reapers big players eventually ghost. GOW only has spot for 4 more players and their are 42 Reapers left. Sister alliance or not, many Reapers do not like Spart and Scousez.


Reapers no more. They were dissolved yesterday after Spart changed the name a few times to get back at Luciferscalling "LU - Simmers" and then at what he felt about the remaining Reapers. "Dead Weight" It will now be interesting to see how GOW holds up with all the new players brought over from Reapers and all the new Ego's. In theory GOW will be a little stronger, which they will need to be, because pretty well everyone else is against them. LOL
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1 Soulbreakers Company US Swim
Also looking very good, Seem to control a lot of the world at this point...

2 Gods Of War Swim
Been around since the beginning, looking very strong.

3 The Devils Rejects Swim
Good position, Seem to be mostly focused on getting ready for Wonders

4 Cats in Hats Swim
Don't know to much info on these guys, but seem to be looking pretty good.

5 Devils Advocates Swim
Sister alliance of The Devils Rejects

6 HONOR Float
Not sure what the plan is here. Some old players from The Krew

7 The Krew Float
Anyone know what happened to them?

They seem to be looking pretty good, but won't have a chance of winning wonders unless they get a merge...

9 Soulbreakers Company EU Swim
Sister alliance to Soulbreakers Company US

10 Puss in Boots Sink
Have a lot of inactives in here...

11 The Great Northern Army My Alliance
Leave this to someone else...

12 RAWDAWGIN Don't know much about them...
Don't know much about these guys...
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1 Soulbreakers Company US: Back on top now SWIM

2 Gods Of War: Pacted with SCUS, in good shape SWIM

3 The Devils Rejects: They own 35 and the western rim, have showed good consistency SWIM

4 Cats In Hats: I doubted them at first but they've proved me wrong SWIM

5 Devils Advocates: See #3 SWIM

6 HONOR: A divergent group from TK, mainly in northern 44 and 45, composed of very solid players SWIM

7 The Krew (My alliance): We've been spiraling out of control every since HONOR and The Great Northern Army were formed. TDR/DA has opened up their gates to us. This alliance will be mostly gone by the end of the weekend. SINK

8 MOUNTAIN WARRIORS: On the rim with not much to fear SWIM

9 Soulbreakers Company EU: See #1 SWIM

10 The Great Northern Army: I think they will float but eventually merge with another alliance to get competitive near WW. FLOAT

11 Puss In Boots: They've been dropping a lot and have a poor average SINK

12 RAWDAWIGIN: Don't really know much about them FLOAT