Top 12 Sink or Swim


Need support sent to Bayou Winslow.

Sending... you could have just sent a PM in Sparta you know to the "usual" suspects. I am SOOO far away from all your stuff... sent not much. You'll need to PM MomQB on sparta to get something local.
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Sending... you could have just sent a PM in Sparta you know to the "usual" suspects. I am SOOO far away from all your stuff... sent not much. You'll need to PM MomQB on sparta to get something local.

thanks. battle is over, I think we won but either way it was fun :)


My first top 10 prediction, please be kind

1. Infamous- Float- Infamous has lost 9 cities to the matter alliances and gained 2 from the Antimatter and Dark Matter. But they have also gained 7 from The Wheel and only lost 1. They will continue to float for a while.

2. Antimatter- swim- Antimatter and sister alliances have taken 9 cities from Infamous, 4 from serial killers, and 9 from The Wheel in the last 30 days. They might not just swim, but rise as they appear to be pacted with Vortex, Dire wolves, and Gods of Sparta since there has not been any conquests by these alliances.

3. Direwolves- Float- not a lot of action here but has been picking off the wheel and serial killers.

4. Gods of Sparta- Sink- not much action here at all. a couple conquests in the last 30 days agianst the top 10 but nothing noteworthy.

5. Polar Vortex- sink- Picked off a couple wheel in the last 30 days, not much here

6. Saints Matter- see Antimatter

7. serial killers- sink- will the bleeding stop? They are getting picked apart by the top alliances.

8. Dark Matter- see Antimatter

9. Solar Vortex- See Polar Vortex

10. The Wheel- sink- Another punching bag for the top 10 alliances. They may float if the cut and run toward the rim.

Thank you for reading my first and potentially last top 10. These are based on conquers not BP as conquest is a measure of the alliance effectiveness.thisisgrepolis

shhhhhhhh will martin. the bleeding cant stop if people know to keep picking us apart. us noobs will never survive. :(


I wont mention all the separate branches of various groups

#1 Antimatter - Swim well run well organized
#2 Infamous - float than sink some good players but at war with Matter
#3 Dire Wolves - float for now swim down the road as they continue to "restructure" internally
#4 Vortex Group - Swim for now as for down the road it will all depend on who they pick a fight with
#5 Gods of Sparta Group - Swim this group is a survivalist bunch
#6 Serial Killers - Float than sink as their Allies Infamous gets pressured by Matter they will not be able to stand on their own
#7 United Resistance - dont know much about them but do know enough to say float for now sink latter
#8 Death From "all angles" - Float for now as for latter on it all depends on who unites the south
#9 The Wheel - float barely they need to find some offense somewhere WTB Offense Please send PM!
#10 Sloths - Float for now I like these guys but... still too small to do well long term same as Death from all angles much depends on who unites the south
#11 Macedonian Empire - Sink they did well for a while but dealing with inactivity issues and stagnation has set in. It is the beginning of the end
#12 KOD II - Sink they will be food for Vortex and/or Dire Wolves in the north no place to expand unless they head into the "wasteland" of 43 in an attempt to survive long term

Shhhh we at SK are noobs or newbs. oh gosh I don't even know. I hate being new to games :(


time for my first ever Top 10.

1 Antimatter 5749499 55 104536
2 Infamous 4779930 45 106221
3 Gods of Sparta 4488023 62 72387
4 Dire Wolves 3999899 61 65572
5 DarkMatter 3589190 50 71784
6 Polar Vortex 3243901 53 61206
7 Solar Vortex 3102712 53 58542
8 serial killers 3081921 61 50523
9 The Wheel 2469807 57 43330
10 Saints Matter 2469782 48 51454

Matters = #1 + #5 + #10
also pacted with 4 other top 10 alliances (but I might be wrong) That means 7 of the top 10 are fighting on the same side. That's a pretty picture for those on that side of the war. I wonder how those pacted alliances feel about gifting a win to Matter?

Infamous = #2
Strong players holding their own against larger numbers and not going away

SK = the noobs alliance here to have fun :)

The Wheel = not going away.

Well that's short and sweet but not hard when you essentially have a large pacted group fighting against smaller alliances. Only way this changes is if some of Matters pacts end when the players understand they are playing for someone else's win and the server becomes too boring.


And the Matter Alliances are starting to have that sinking feeling.


All this nonsense! All alliances will sink.. NemSop will prevail!!!


I would far from say the matter alliances have that "sinking" feeling. A lot of opportunistic alliances have hit us the moment vortex turn their allegiance banner around, which to be fair in the world of war why wouldn't you hit your enemy when they are already getting hit on many other fronts. Hit them at their weakest, makes sense to me. If i had to guess i would say most if not all of sparta is going after Matter now.

I am far from an influential player in the war myself, but the rest of the grepo war vets within matter seem to be holding their own very well. I wouldn't be so quick to downplay the future of Matter ;)


Im not downplaying Matters Im saying that they are not as untouchable as nearly everyone seems to think . They now find themselves in the situation my own alliance, The Wheel and Infamous have found themselves in recent months. The Wheel and Infamous have aquitted themselves reasonably well against a far superior opponent in both numbers and spending power. Now that Matters face superior numbers we shall see see how they cope. I must say not very well at mo, having sustained more than 25 city losses in the past 5 days. And that is just to The Wheel. So far defence does not seem to be a skill Matters possess.

Sloth, there is always the excuses about the amount of time online but they always seem to be brought out when one is getting their bottoms smacked. Btw say hello to your mate Tactile when you see him on the rim.


He must have found a way to extend the invisibility spell and now cant get out of it! Having said that he donated all his cities to The Wheel.


yeah he was a generous man... donated to the wrong cause i think though :p


Any one got an honest 12 s.o.s update to offer?? A lot of changes lately, i enjoy reading others insight on this


Guest's your top 12...It's my first time doing one, but given how many multi-alliances someone should work on a top 20 :p

1)Infamous---Swim, certainly a vast wealth of knowledge and experience will keep these guys swimming til the end

2, 8, 10) Antimatter---Float, but ultimately sink. Vastly outnumbered against the Vortex clan and taking losses...A few gains to be had, but most are turtling up for the winter

3,4,5,9,11,25,39) Vortex (that is correct...7 vortex alliances)---Swim for a little while and then a heavy Sink. I think we all know what happens to organization and leadership when so many flags are put under 1 alliance, with so many leaders/founders and points of view. They will do some serious damage but ultimately be disbanded when WW comes about.

6) The Wheel---Swim. Don't really know a lot about these guys, except they've been here a LONG time, and don't appear to be losing much ground.

7) Dire Wolves---Float. All about diplomatic ways and trying to maintain their alliance...I see these guys being the next flag for Matter, or Vortex...given the way of our world.

12) Dynasty Warriors---Float. This is my alliance and am very proud. We started late on the server and immediately battled the 'Genesis' clan. Surviving that, we bunkered in and expanded our alliance, and oceans controlled. We have a nice hold up in O73 and O74 to provide help on our changing front lines. (we are also Noxious Immortals and Lazy Vegans)


Nice to see a fresh a fresh view on the main protagonists on Sparta. Thanks Spike.

Cant say I disagree with any of your assessments but would like to add my own comments.

1.Infamous. Most certainly the #1 alliance and top allies. Definitely Swim.

2. Antimatter Alliances. They are finding life, on Sparta, is a lot harder than earlier in the world where spending potential does not have such a major influence. Float but in a more contracted form.

3. The Vortex Alliances. Impressive in numbers but therein lies future problems. Swim but a lot less of them.

5. Dire Wolves. Its not easy being an ally of the Matter alliances. Sink. Will be swallowed by the other top alliances.

6. Dynasty Warriors. Float. I dont know your alliance Spike but out of courtesy Ibve said float.

4. The Wheel Alliances (include The 3rd Wheel). Swim. My own alliance. We are endurance swimmers and will be around a long time.

There may be issues raised that The downturn of Matters fortunes and the rise in our own have only come about because of The Vortex U-turn. I cant disagree but I would like to point out that up until 2/3 weeks ago Ourselves and Infamous were facing 7 out of the top 10 alliances and have managed to overcome that difficulty.;-)


Does it matter how many? theres more than 2 or are you just a nit-picker?

well it matters as far as the posted said "that is correct.. 7" - and if someone is going to say something thats wrong they can expect to be corrected

but it doesnt matter in the grand scheme of things, bit like you