Top 12 Sink or Swim


Spartans - sink, looks pretty much a default spartans alliance that always sinks... but prove me wrong :)

Pressure Cooker

Every week I'll do a sink or swim. This time: 1/3 weeks-style

1. Spartans: Swim for 1 week --- Sink in 3 weeks
2. CCCP: Float for 1 week --- Float for 3 weeks
3. Astartes: Swim for 1 week --- Swim for 3 weeks
4. Punk in Drublic: Swim for 1 week --- Swim for 3 weeks
5. Westeros: Swim for 1 week --- Sink in 3 weeks
6. Rhoman Empire: Float for 1 week --- Sink in 3 weeks
7. The Sea Raiders: Sink for 1 week
8. The Red Rose: Swim for 1 week --- Float for 3 weeks
9. Alone in the Light: Swim for 1 week --- Swim for 3 weeks
10. S.P.Q.R: Float for 1 week --- Sink in 3 weeks
11. Trojan Death Punch: Swim for 1 week --- Swim for 3 weeks
12. The Elite: Swim for 1 week --- Float for 3 weeks

Swim = Growing
Float = Staying like it is
Sink = Falling down


I don't see Trojan Death Punch swimming for 3 weeks . They're in our ocean , which means they're food :)


1. Spartans- Sink: MRAs never last long
2. CCCP- Sink: Looks disorganized and has no profile.
3. Astartes- Swim: Has good leadership and the average is going up a lot.
4. Punk in Drublic- Swim: looks pretty darn good.
5. Rhoman Empire- Float: Looks like a murders house, once you get in there is no getting out.
6. The Sea Raiders- Uncertain: Im not sure yet.:s
7. Westeroes- Sink: Not growing and lacks effort.
8. The Red Rose- Swim: May turn out good for them.
9. Trojan Death Punch- Sink: looks like a bad alliance and lacks a profile Il get them a C- and a D for effort.
10. SPQR- Float- Is a bit flabby.
11. Alone in the light- Sink: dropping ranks fast
12. The elite- sink: a noob alliance.


Astartes are a bunch of noobs , they'll get rimmed really soon :p


What do you mean Rhoman Empire looks like a murder house?

1. Spartans- Sink, never seen an MRA this terrible. Gone within the next 2 days
2. Rhoman Empire- Alliance I am in, not to sure about them yet. Leadership is younger swim then float I hope.
3. CCCP- Sink, another MRA unprofessional profile
4. Astartes- Swim, best point average so far for their numbers. Really early to say seems to have good leadership or at least I have heard
5. Punk in Drublic- Swim, don't really like the name but don't seem to bad
6. The Sea Raiders- Swim, have seen them on Pi they are pretty good and aggressive. Has good leadership
7. S.P.Q.R.- Sink, un original name seem to be an MRA
8. Westeros- Float, not really sure about them to early to say
9. The Red Rose- Float, seem ok really early to tell might shoot up
10. Trojan Death Punch- Sink, Know them from English server, probably will swim for a while then sink like they did in Apollonia
11. Alone in the Light- Swim, they have good point average and are definitely not an MRA
12. The Elite- Sink, noob name won't be here for maybe a week more