Top 12, Sink or Swim


Keep in mind this is an opinion, there are many like it, but this one is mine. LOL

#12 Cats and Hats - Sink - Too few players, will probably be swallowed up into another alliance.
#11 The Nuclear Federation - Swim - Has a couple of good players, if they can bring in a few more active players, they might make it,
#10 101st Legion - Sink - They need to bring up their weaker players quickly. If they can't establish dominance in 45, they'll fall.
#9 The Abandoned - Sink - They will probably suck up the players from 101st who have skills, but world placement, is not in their favor.
#8 Rubicon - Sink -
#7 Order of the Dragon - Swim - But that's because I like this group
#6 Armagedon - Sink - This was a tough call. There are a few decent players, but that won't hold the alliance together.
#5 Knights of Sparta - Swim- looks like a well balanced group, some heavy hitters.
#4 The New Day Co-op - Sink - Refer to #2
#3 The War Art - Sink - As the world progresses, many of their players will get pulled into another Alliance.
#2 The New Day - Sink - MRA
#1 Art of War - Swim - Established dominance at the beginning, with reserve players they are a strong contender for Domination.


Looks like its Swim for "The New Day" and "Art of War" is sinking slowly but surely. It appears "Armagedon" is floating fairly well still also, but being on the back door of The New day, that will change when AOW falls.
Iron fist rule always ends up the same........


Muri you could have just been a team player and you would be here still. You not Founder material for a top tier alliance. We saw that and were obviously right. Within a day or 2 of you being booted we became the favorites. All you had to do was accept not being a Founder. But nope. Got caught trying to take our members to the enemy. So ya got booted. Look at ya now. Not a factor. Not in the mix at all. And still bitter.

Congratulations you played yourself.


Someone make a new one.......I want to see what people are thinking......Since I was told my alliance would sink ..........=p


12. The War Art - sunk

11. Legionnaires - Look like Legion Academy. - sink

10. Black Widows - New alliance. Too Early to call

9. Whack-A-Mole - Nothing special. sink

8. Misguided - sink

7. The Nuclear Federation - sink

6. Legion - sink

5. The New Day Co-OP - Will be around until the end. float

4. Knights of Sparta - Will be around until the end. swim

3. Armagedon - A day late and a dollar short. So far doing a great job hitting New Day in they area. Will be fun to see what happens to them as Art of War fades out. Lets see where they are in 2 weeks.

2. Art of War - Had a good run. Was too top heavy and too much of an MRA. Most of the alliance ran into VM the second the ABP turned into DBP. dead in the water

1. The New Day - We just playing grepo. Winners