Top 12, Sink or Swim

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    Sep 22, 2015
    Keep in mind this is an opinion, there are many like it, but this one is mine. LOL

    #12 Cats and Hats - Sink - Too few players, will probably be swallowed up into another alliance.
    #11 The Nuclear Federation - Swim - Has a couple of good players, if they can bring in a few more active players, they might make it,
    #10 101st Legion - Sink - They need to bring up their weaker players quickly. If they can't establish dominance in 45, they'll fall.
    #9 The Abandoned - Sink - They will probably suck up the players from 101st who have skills, but world placement, is not in their favor.
    #8 Rubicon - Sink - If someone from the 60s is their best player, then dementia will set in, and they'll forget to play.
    #7 Order of the Dragon - Swim - But that's because I like this group
    #6 Armagedon - Sink - This was a tough call. There are a few decent players, but that won't hold the alliance together.
    #5 Knights of Sparta - Swim- looks like a well balanced group, some heavy hitters.
    #4 The New Day Co-op - Sink - Refer to #2
    #3 The War Art - Sink - As the world progresses, many of their players will get pulled into another Alliance.
    #2 The New Day - Sink - MRA
    #1 Art of War - Swim - Established dominance at the beginning, with reserve players they are a strong contender for Domination.