Top 12 Sink or Swim

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Nice top 12 lol love the honorable mention tone ruined war machines quick this world


Top 12:

1. Mortis. Dominant as usual. Unrelenting growth and soon to be unrelenting war. If they target you, prepare yourself for devastation. (hint: they target everyone). SWIM

2-9999. Everyone else. Bad luck joining a server against the Mortis premade. Maybe ghost and wait for the next server to open? Float then SINK
Still waiting for devastation :)

"Maybe ghost and wait for the next server" i think they were kinda talking to themselves lol


it seems PT has joined mortis now as well, a pure defensive player. They are for sure to win the server now
Yes they were to win the server but then PT joined us so ;)
Long time no see eh?
Nothing to worry about thats for sure. Just give them credit for being an alliance.... I didn't say a good one
"Give them credit for being an alliance" and he didn't say a good one!


I guess that devastation predicted for mortis finally came about. Mortis is no more


What happened, was it too many enemies or internal stuff?
I had never heard of Mortis before, but it was clear that whilst they had some really strong players, they shouldn't have posted on the forum as they did with a no friend policy and they didn't recognise the strength of other alliances in this world.