TOP 12 Sink or Float Alliances


Not sure we need a Top 12 when everyone has pacts or naps, but here we go.

1. The Bunny Ranch -
Most known for their abundance of attractive women. The fact that we are currently #1 in attacking, defending and fighter rankings are secondary. - Swim
2. Outcast
and 7. Outcast II - Issues with leadership. Several members who have been with this crew in the past are in other alliances now. Still they have some decent players who aren't afraid to spend gold (shout out to lmfao74 for being our advisors sponsor for February). They have some very good defensive players. - Float
3. Ragin and 6. Cajun
- Second most attractive alliance. BeZaMa in a speedo is a sight to behold (don't ask me how I know). They were Frick and Frack. I expect they will continue to rotate through names because, why not. So hence forth to make sure we don't get confused, I will refer to them as The BeZaMa Boys - you're welcome. Aside from this, a serious group with serious players having fun. Shapes up as the team to beat. - Swim
4. Most WanteD, 8. ***MosT WanteD***, 10. Most Wanted 3
- and what they mean by that is that YOU random player are most wanted to join them. I'm not hating on MRAs, I too once played in one. Their long term success will be in the quality of their leadership, which is/was Borg who is in VM, which is kind of worrisome at this point. - Sink
5. Outlawz, 9. Outlawz 2 and 12 outlawz 3 -
They use a "z" instead of and "s" in Outlawz - so you know they are serious. Looks like another MRA that at this point is slightly less successful than Most WanteD. Looks like The BeZaMa Boys are hitting them pretty hard. - Sink
12. The Grepo League and 14. The Grepo Players -
Meh - Sink
13. Special Kind of Stupid -
Even with just 19 players who are gold trading, they are still better than most of the alliances listed above them, if they get the bug to play things will change, but - Sink for now


Should be an interesting world with 1, 3 and 6 not taking each others cities and probably in some kind of agreement together.


Hmm, Yes, I see, Hm, Oh Ok.. After all this time I figured out how to play this game..
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Should be an interesting world with 1, 3 and 6 not taking each others cities and probably in some kind of agreement together.
Ikr. It's totally not because all 3 alliances are filled with good players and they're going after easier targets while building their strength.
Not to mention... We are on opposite sides of the map!!! But who cares about silly things like facts when someone can just spout theories based on ignorance. .
Don't worry, we will eat through the easy food toward one another and a decent war will take shape. Outta be fun once we get the simmers out of our way and to the rim where they belong.

This will come down to bunnies and bez's boys. Easy to see, hard to debate. And it should be a good fight once it finally takes shape...