Top 12 players (Your top 12 not game top 12)

Is there even 12 good players in this ?

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So lads & ladettes,

Who's your personal top 12 from the world ?
Who's going to kill it ?
Why are they your top 12 ?​

Give us all a brief explanation or whatever but lets get some buzz around this forum and world !


1- Ali.Ooops, knowing this player from a previous world makes me sure she is deadly when it comes to the game, her stats already talk for themself yet i know shes not even out of 2nd gear.

2- BoilerMarc, if he brings himself to get serious about the world then there isnt many that can contend with him, very aggressive and active player when his mind is on a world.

3- D.Ace, not many know this guy due to a name change but i can assure you he's capable of putting his money where his mouth is.

4- Sunderland71, known this chap from EN Gela and im fully confident that if he applies himself to this world then we have another top tier contender.

5- Afrospanky, although he prob wont remember i have played and witnessed him in other worlds, winner of Gythium and a force to be reckoned with.

6- Galrean, winner of EN Gela and has a devilish silver tongue, very good at extracting info from players without them knowing.

7- Shadis, extremely competent player from both EN & US servers, often un-noticed until too late.

8- Fall3n One/Fall3n S, This player is if the same is undoubtedly just simming along right now but make no mistake can be one of the biggest headaches a whole alliance would have to contend with.

9- BillyBower, returning back from a year off and hes not forgotten a thing, starting the world over a week after most and hes already contending

10- Nex83, Old school grep player from back in the reaches of the EN worlds, doesnt miss a trick and is usually one step ahead of you.

11- TSF, when he pulls his head from the externals and concentrates on the game his organisation and forward thinking can turn a flop into an alliance success.

12- The Witcher, now i dont have any major personal experience with this geezer however theres always that one name in the stats that catches your eye and then you become fixated with their progress... this is he, seems more than capable of being a nuisance to his opposite number and certainly has the experience.

Special mention:

Special mention out to HopeLost for being not only the mouthiest person i know but also the most selfless in the last 2 weeks.
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No Mojo and BB quit this world ;)

Edit: Misunderstood the question.

There's a lot of 30's-50's here. I'm not sure we have a top 12 that would be in the top 20 even on a loaded world. For now only time will tell.
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Good list of players, I know most of them so it seems pretty credible.