Top 12, Obligatory Thread


Well less experienced then some but

MBP 1/2 --- swim --- the 800 lb Gorilla in the room
Chal --- Sink --- can never respect an alliance that still posts its leaders
Chaos --- lead weights --- PO'd more peeps then you know by a leaders existence
*One* --- sink --- leadership explains this
Dogs --- Mine, will leave at float to be neutral
Defiance --- Sink --- leadership is gone to other alliances for the most part

Think 6 is good currently


Blood is gone, PG gone....League going down the same path i hear xD an Chaos is playing hide' n go Rim...oh then there is us MBP :rolleyes:;)

The Real question is, is anyone going to war against someone else other than MBP xD or are 63 members too much for the 150+ member coalition to handle:eek:;)

Coulda swore thisisGrepolis :cool: