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Yeah, but the chances that it would happen in every world are pretty slim, unless someone's out to get you. Maybe you are just universally hated by everyone R.H. Stogus, lol. :D
Actually, thats true, every world he joins he gets rimmed then he makes some excuse that hes not trying or this is just a test world and says hes going back to his main target world


I don't mind noobs playing a world, everyone's a noob at some point. But Stogus joins every single world and ghosts. He doesn't even give himself a chance to get good.


So uh anyone wanna start a new thread that will start a fire and attract people to post?
im pretty much out of ideas, and
that attempted newspaper (by decky) went nowhere.... i hope someone will start one soon

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And they are gone now, lol....that's kind of funny considering everyone was talking about SS dominating and no one else standing a chance. Glad to see some of the guys stuck around and went to other alliances, worlds get pretty boring when people bail early on!


People have taken down alliances like Titans in other worlds, although it is very hard.
TiTans are a great alliance lead by strong leaders, they will be here awhile. However they are not the only ones in the server. I forsee many changes in the next few weeks.

This server is not that old and the currents change often in grepo.
Stay active, have fun, and happy hunting

This server has changed alot in last few days.. the new top five

1 Titans
2 Legion of Death
3 Pinky and the Brain
4 The Necromongers
5 Incognito

What do you think?
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I smell an all out war against the Titans in the future. That's what I think. You guys do know there is no getting around it, especially with you all taking such a commanding lead over the rest of the alliances. It should prove interesting who will be the forerunner that starts it and how much support they will acquire from the rest of the alliances though.

As for me, I bet that Pinky and the Brain, Titanochomy, and possibly Pillars of War will be the ones to pick a fight. Only possibly for Pillars of War cause they seem a bit mellow. I don't think I've heard much from them on anything really.
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