Top 12 Alliances


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Do people think the Beginning will last past the Beginning of the world? :p


Twotokes, I'll give you some advice here:

1) All of your joint clan (havoc-55, havoc-43, and so on), they need to be let go. There is NO way possible to oversee all of those people and support them. Especially with how spread out each of them are and the level of experience many players here have. I only say this for the betterment of those players, new and vets, who are in there so that they can thoroughly enjoy this world without the stress of seeing posts in any possible shared forums you have with things like "help I'm being attacked". And then having most of those posts go unanswered. Let them be their own alliance, and just keep the pacts with them and work with them. Not above them.

2) Replying back with anger or bitterness in your posts isn't going to win anyone over for you. People like when you're nice to them, even when you really don't have a reason to be nice to them. Play with honor and humbleness. You'll gain more allies being humble and selfless than you will being stuck up and arrogant (not saying you're acting that way or are that way, just said that as a FYI).

3) Don't act bigger than you are and say "I'm going to win!". I'd LOVE to say that, but I'm not going to say that because I know if I do, it'll be a one way ticket for others to start attacking my team. As my team is mostly compromised of new players to this Grepolis game, I have them going through training exercises and so on so they can learn the game and get good with it before we start doing anything REAL big and making some REAL noise. Boastfulness and pride are also a one way ticket to attacks and making enemies. A GREAT example is this player Crego2 from Tau. All he does is boast, say how he's awesome, and says "please attack me people you guys all sucks and aren't real". Needless to say, not very many people like him for that. He's a good player, and he has some really good stats. But what is stats when you have no friends and nobody likes you?

4) Just play the game as best as you can. Learn from others. Don't be all like "I'm the leader so I'll run it how I want to". I mean, you can do that, just don't expect to go very far in this world (remember each world lasts about 1.5 years). I used Beta and Tau as learning worlds so that I could learn all I know from many different VERY experienced players. Thankfully, the Lord allowed me to learn under MANY very experienced and very good players. And I have them to thank for how my alliance is going today. The players here may be younger than you by age in RL, but there's a lot whose older than you through experience of the game. And it's always best to learn from your elders.

Good luck to you and the rest of the Havoc's.

Now let's get back on topic here; I think most will fall minus Dreadful, Silence, Killer Bees, and The Beginning. Course if any of them war that'll be a good show. Hope everyone had a good Christmas!

1. I am not the leader of Havoc thus it is not mine nor your decision to make.
2. This is fun for me and I am not bitter or angry at all, in fact I am excited to be part of something so loathed, means we must be doing something right.
3. This just did not happen so... yea.
4. We do not know each other and again refer to #1
FFC when marios city fell he had already left the server and had the account up for deletion. Two of the other cities "conquered" were inactive, not that a single bit of it had anything to do with you attacking. And yes we are fighting like 5 alliances in the top 25 in week one so I'd expect a few casualties.

That said in my humble opinion The beginning is making huge strides taking the top spot and has done so with class unlike the poachers in second place. Also it is early and a lot will unfold still. Alliances such as Apocalypse and Men of Mayhem are showing lots of potential and should not be left out of the top 5.


Rank Alliance Points Players Avg. Points
1 The Beginning 1824471 49 37234
2 Pyroclastic 1187919 65 18276
3 Fight Club 1070024 77 13896
4 Apocalypse 920434 69 13340
5 Killer Beez 850633 47 18099
6 The Corps 760901 67 11357
7 Legacy 749059 76 9856
8 Havoc - Ocean 53 721404 68 10609
9 Men of Mayhem 672850 75 8971
10 Silence 639338 59 10836
11 Chaos Rising 610884 72 8485
12 Adeptus Per Noctem 583008 51 11432