Top 12 alliances


No! That's the number 1 alliance...they must be goodthisisgrepolis


I think most people missed it because of the spam so here it is again

ApatheticKing's Royal opinion​

1)Carpe Diem- Without a Doubt Carpe Diem is everyone's definition of M.R.A with 90 players and only 14964 Attack battle points brings them to an abp average of 166.

When you look at their defense they're rank 1 with 11512 points only showing off that they're everyone's food!! Can't Imagine them lasting much longer and my spiders tell me that their founder doesn't know what units to attack with and what units to defend with......

2)WOLVERINES-A M.R.A worse then Carpe Deim with a 1500 average and 3k ABP total i don't need to say much more.

3)ASSASSIN ELITE- All Caps and Elite in their name... Yup they're pros

4)Project Nukes- They aren't looking to bad besides the fact they had 3 pacts before Bp ended looking for their fourth.

5)Pax Britannica
-3k abp really......

6)Swamp Fox Brigade -Enough Said
#1 in ABP with an average of 522 per member

7)Devil Bar And Grill-Looking Good so far, but apparently their top player has a personal grudge against me... So i either denied him access to one of my alliances or rimmed him i guess time will tell.
Holding personal grudges that's cool lol

- Nothing yet we'll have to wait and see

9)The Borg Collective- Same as #8

10)Awe Shock
- Honestly I'm extremely impressed so far -Spider- Has never been know to run his Premades well, but so far so good!! Keep it up

They have 16278 ABP with only 31 members giving them the best abp average with 525 per member.. Lets see how long they can hold that.


I'm in Carpe Diem :D Not Spongebob and Friends ;)
I am undercover :D

And before anyone accuse me of double acc.... King Leo II is currently in queue for being deleted on Iota ;)
So it's not double acc^^
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If I were you guys i'd pay petrika no mind. He feeds off everyone hating him and going after him. He annoys you and gets under your skin so you can attack him. He's definitely not the best, nor is his alliance the best, but you'll never get him to realize that. *Waits for petrka to come and call him a noob and talk trash to him*

I like petrika :p


No point King Leo, their a mess. Leaders are inactive and everything is gonna fall apart sooner or later. A leader even offered a deal to us


I have noticed that...
Their forum is dead and with 81 members that should be impossible-.-
The only active part of the forum is the support tab.... Tons is asking for supp but nobody get any :p


Use skype man xD
There must be some of those posts that's not important :p


we have excellent forum mods that stay on top of all posts keeping our forums very clean and organized. along with a highly active skype room, i would say there could not be better communication in this alliance right now... watch out iota, we are coming for you all :)


anyone interested in joining hopefully what could be a good alliance let me know. Called "The Knights Watch"