Top 10 Alliances(NEW)- Juktas Edition


still not tempting enough lol

-Do one and then I will consider it.
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Sry.. but the person in the lamest alliance should do one.

I await your list.

P.S. Word on the street is that RA/Nuke is booting inactives from their alliance so that their alliance isnt considered to be losing cities


Don't see anything wrong with that.

If you want to boot players to prevent bloated city loss stats then more power to you imo.


P.S. Word on the street is that RA/Nuke is booting inactives from their alliance so that their alliance isnt considered to be losing cities

just scanning thru the juktas forums and saw this but...
isnt the point of keeping inactives in your alliance so the enemy isnt aware theyre inactive as quickly?
once the enemy notices, why keep them around? itll yield the same result...


check stop trying to boast your post count :p

but yea.. RA were keeping some inactives around.. but I wont say what they were used for.


Hello noobs of Juktas ;), I am here to post this piece of art. Please note that I am basing this off of stats, not in game since I don't play there anymore. So here we go!

1. Radioactive

These guys have been top dog since the start of the server. Crushing every alliance in its path, leaving no survivors. A recent merge of Anastsais(think I spelled it right) has made the alliance better then ever. They are #1 in every bp stat, they control the core oceans and are still expanding! Final Prediction: Swim

2. Nuke

^^^ pretty much same as above, radioactive academy, they are not where they should be in bp though, 6th in dbp, and 4th in abp, but still... Final Prediction: Swim

3. Hell Hounds

This alliance has some top players in it, and are a top alliance in my mind. I believe they are fighting Radioactive right now, which will prove quite a challenge. 3rd in all bp stats, which is where they should be. I don't like there position though, lot of talented alliances around them, which will make it hard for them to do much. Final Prediction: Float

4. Dark Waters Not really impressive, kind of average. Don't look like they will do much, Final Prediction: Sink

5. Phoenix Rising What happened here? 8 million points then BOOM, 4 million. Looking like Radioactive is putting pressure on them right now. There top player is in VM at the moment and this alliance just looks like it is already sinking. Final Prediction: Sink

6. Syndicate These guys are getting massacred by Radioactive. What's the score now? Last I checked it was 70-4 :D. These guys are not going to last much longer, sorry :(. Final Prediction: Sink

7. The Dirty Rats I don't know about them, sorry :(. Final Prediction: Sink I guess

8. N.W.O This alliance looks new. They seem to be doing well in there oceans, but the bp is AWFUL. It is sad to say the least. If they don't get it up, then I wont be taking them seriously. Final Prediction: Sink

9. EMPYRE I don't know them, but they do have niko :D. Final Prediction: Float then Sink

10. Dark Moon Crappy bp again. What's up with these bp stats guys? They have many other alliances around them that are just better then these guys, Final Prediction: Sink

Sorry I didn't go as in depth as I should have, but I am lazy today and don't feel like typing :D. Hope you enjoyed :).

Looking back, looks like your predictions were actually surprisingly accurate. Everyone pretty much sank except Radioactive who won the world, and Hell Hounds who were trying to compete..

Now that the world is done, we can say it actually was a very good top 10!! :)