Toons Mercenary Alliance introduction



we are crazy, zany, madcap, Hysteric, in short we are
The Toons

Toon's Start :

the new adventures of the Toons will begin this saturday between 9 & 10 PM direction south west on channel 666

Toon's goal:

infortunately we won't be able to entertain everybody, so in the meantime we will do our jokes and wild ideas on channel 666 but everything will become Toon

Toon's Casting:

we are looking for excellency to entertain this world at his best, so if you feel that you the have soul of a real Toon you are welcome

creating an account with a Toon Name is a real advantage

Toon's Team :

the Team will be composed of 20/30 Toons

Toon's mercenarism :

you can suscribe occasionally or have a full premium subscription to :

-Toons Spy : to don't be unmasked in case of failure ...
-Toons OFF : to destroy an off that visit you often ...
-Toons Colonisation : to divide your ennemies defense ...
-Toons Caretaking : To Protect your Troops while you are attacked ...
-Toons Defense : If we have defense ...


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